How to Slow Aging

train Aug 09, 2022
How to Slow Aging

A smart training plan has been shown to slow down the natural aging process.

But while you already know that movement is good for your mind and body, you need to make a distinction between what type of exercise actually yields the best results.

Because there are indeed exercises out there that can not only keep you healthy, happy, and functional (at any age); but actually decelerate aging.

Here’s the truth.

The "normal" age-related decline (fat, sick, out-of-shape) is not inevitable.

In fact, a handful of research suggests that almost all of these qualities slide not because of age, but rather due to the disuse of the neuromuscular system.

You will lose power (speed strength) unless you train to be more powerful.

Same goes for strength, muscle size, and muscular endurance.

In other words, the old adage “use it or lose it” is spot on.

Good news is that everything can be improved with a positive, can-do mindset as well as a proven training-and-nutrition plan.

And you must do the work because you don't get better without, well, doing the work.

How to Slow Aging

The science of age management is a progressive, preventative, proactive approach to your training and lifestyle that focuses on keeping you young. 

Follow these proven strategies and you can expect to get leaner, stronger, and healthier into your golden years.

1. Practice strength training and muscle building

A smart resistance training plan is what enables you to lift heavier weights, function throughout your daily life, and move your body freely and with less risk.

Strong bones, muscles, and joints increase your durability and, as a result, quality of life too.

Also, muscle burns calories, even while you sleep, so you want to build and maintain muscle.

2. Develop power at any age

Power is the ability to exert a force quickly.

This "speed strength" will allow you to jump higher or manage the inevitable fall.

I have seen far too many serious injuries (broken hips, torn ligaments, etc.) as a result of falls in people as young as in their 50s because they couldn't move quick enough to stop it.

3. Increase your cardiovascular fitness

Your current level of slow-and-steady "cardio" will influence your ability to walk or run the occasional 5K.

This is how well your body can process and deliver oxygen to the rest of your body.

4. Do metabolic conditioning

Conditioning is a catch-all phrase for medium-to-high intensity activity that is performed for a shorter duration, like two minutes.

Running and changing direction are the most common examples, but a handful of out-of-the-box movements like loaded carries and sled pushes can also fall into the conditioning category.

5. Increase mobility

As it relates to aging, poor mobility can substantially hinder daily functioning and lead to joint stiffness, pain, inactivity, and ultimately, a not-so-happy quality of life.

Show me someone with super-tight hamstrings, and I'll show you someone who will likely experience low-back pain.

6. Increase your mental cognition

Its importance goes far beyond any other physical quality, as cognition is at the root of quite literally everything that occurs in life. 

One more thing.

It pays to keep it simple.

So many times I get questions like this:

"Coach Joe, what's the one thing I need to get in better shape?"

I love this question because my response is succinct:


You probably don't have enough of this calorie-torching tissue to reach your goals.

How do I know that?

Ninety-eight percent of the over-40 folks who start our award-winning fitness-and-nutrition coaching program don't have enough lean muscle to support the fat loss they want.

Maybe you're the exception.

If you're already doing resistance-training moves, like box squats, within a range of 8-12 reps, four times per week, you've probably got a good base.

If you are intentional about your protein intake on a daily basis, along with the resistance training, you are better than most.

If not, that's where you need to start.

Going on some "detox diet" without doing any type of strength training will leave you frustrated with your results.

Sure you may lose some water weight, but you won't be happy with how you look and feel in the end.

It's also very hard to maintain your results because very-low-calorie "diets" put you in starvation mode and, as a result, slow your metabolism.

Here's the simple recipe to lose fat, gain strength, and slow aging... for men and women over 40 years:

👉 Common sense nutrition with a focus on lean protein and total calories

👉 Resistance training plus metabolic conditioning 4 sessions per week (40 minutes per session)

👉 Stay hydrated (1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight daily)

👉 Get 8 or more hours of deep sleep nightly

👉 Keep stress under control

I'm like a broken record with this proven strategy, but it's really that straightforward.

No fads, gimmicks, or quick fixes.

This is the system I teach, both online and in-person.

If you're coachable, my proven formula will help you live your best life.

Take a few minutes to tell me a little bit about what you want HERE.

Or continue doing what you're doing.

Either way, have a great day.

Coach Joe



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