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50 Reasons to Do Resistance Training

train Dec 26, 2023
50 Reasons to Do Resistance Training | Arangio

Ever notice, when somebody is evangelizing the benefits of exercise, they mention only a few basic things...

"Exercise is good for your heart."

Or, maybe they say something cute like, "Jogging and a good diet keeps the doctor away."

Well, let me share one of my favorite quotes, from C. Everett Koop, M.D., former United States Surgeon General. Dr. Koop.

"If exercise were available in pill form, it would be the most widely prescribed drug in the world."

Now, if I may be so bold as to update this quote, I would add the words "structured and progressive" before "exercise."

You see, a structured and progressive strength-and-conditioning program provides a laundry list of benefits.

But it gets even better.

50 Reasons to Do Resistance Training

When you combine resistance training with portion-controlled nutrition, quality sleep, stress management, a positive mindset, and the guidance of an experienced coach, well, that's when anyone, regardless of age, can transform into the best version of themselves.

In fact our client-athletes experience some, if not all, of these 50 benefits when they commit 100% to getting leaner and stronger.

  1. Elevates your mood
  2. Improves learning abilities
  3. Builds muscle
  4. Keeps your brain fit
  5. Helps you lose weight

  6. Boosts mental health
  7. Boosts your immune system
  8. Reduces stress
  9. Makes you feel happier
  10. Slows the aging process

  11. Promotes fat loss
  12. Improves sleeping patterns
  13. Helps prevent stroke
  14. Improves joint function
  15. Improves muscle strength

  16. Helps manage anxiety
  17. Sharpens memory
  18. Helps to control addictions
  19. Boosts productivity
  20. Encourages creative thinking

  21. Improves body image
  22. Gives you more energy
  23. Elevates your ability to focus
  24. Improves eating habits
  25. Increases longevity

  26. Strengthens your bones
  27. Strengthens your heart
  28. Improves posture
  29. Lowers the frequency of colds
  30. Improves appetite

  31. Improves cholesterol levels
  32. Lowers risk of certain cancers
  33. Reduces high blood pressure
  34. Lowers risk of diabetes
  35. Fights dementia

  36. Eases back pain
  37. Decreases osteoporosis risk
  38. Reduces feelings of depression
  39. Prevents muscle loss
  40. Increases endurance

  41. Increases sports performance
  42. Helps detoxify your liver
  43. Improves balance and coordination
  44. Helps maintain weight loss
  45. Improves concentration

  46. Helps with self-control
  47. Minimizes fatigue
  48. Improves your love life
  49. Reverses metabolic syndrome
  50. Improves the overall quality of your life

That's some list of benefits.

When it comes to progressive resistance exercise, failure is good.

To boost strength and build muscle, you choose a force that allows you to perform a certain number of repetitions until you reach "momentary muscular failure."

As a result of this controlled failure your muscles adapt and improve.

Whether we're talking about a smart training session or your day-to-day life, failure is an essential step on your path to success.

Think about it: If everything always goes according to plan, and you hit all your exercise and nutrition goals 100% of the time, does that make you successful?

Not really.

I’d argue that it makes you successful at aspiring to be ordinary.

If you never fail, it means that you’re stuck in contentment.

In order to succeed, you’ll need to venture outside of your comfort zone.

No matter what new skill or habit you’re working on, you have to be bad before you can be good.

And the way you become good is to keep trying.

So if you’re just getting started with fitness, learn to embrace being bad at it in the beginning.

That’s the only precursor to becoming good at it.

It’s a necessary step that can’t be skipped.

If you’ve been training smart for a while and are pretty competent now, never forget how it felt when you started.

That gratitude mindset is where the real transformation happens.

It’s also a great reminder that wherever you are in your journey, there’s still a long way to go.

And that’s the best part.

Successful folks know that living a triumphant life requires goal-setting, hitting deadlines, and creating a realistic plan of action.

But, most of all, you must take imperfect action.

And please, please remember the point of all of this...

You must take care of yourself first so you can enjoy your life and help others do the same.

Ask yourself if you're living up to your FULL potential right now.

If the answer is "yes," congratulations are in order.

Your goal is to maintain your excellence.

Perhaps you answered "no," you are NOT living to your full potential.

The good news is that now is the time for change.

If you are ready to turn off the noise and get laser focused, take the first step here.

To your success,

Coach Joe

P.S. Pass this along if you think the "forward failure" message will inspire others.



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