3 Secrets to Improve Your Focus

mindset Oct 09, 2021
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"If you chase two rabbits you won't catch either one."  

There's so much truth in that proverb.

One of the top mistakes I see folks make is trying to focus on more than one thing at a time.  

I'll stand at the front of the line and admit that I've been guilty of this many times.

The truth is you need to have a plan... and follow it through until the end.

You must also practice consistency.

It's okay to course-correct along the way, but when you quit what's been working (to try something completely different), well...  

That's a recipe for failure.

Here are THREE secrets to improve your focus.

πŸ‘‰ 1. Multitasking doesn't work.

Pick one thing and see it through before you begin the next one.  

Try this simple exercise to prove that multitasking is a poor strategy.

Write out the alphabet, A-Z, one letter at a time.  

Below each letter write the corresponding number 1-26... but do it like this:  

Write the letter A, then beneath it write the number 1, B then 2 underneath it, C then 3, D then 4, and so on through the letter Z and the number 26.

Time yourself to see how long it takes to complete the task.

Now, do it again; however, this time write out the entire alphabet, A-Z, on the top line without stopping.  Come back and write out 1-26 below each of those letters.

Time yourself to see how long that takes.

It took me 46 seconds to do the first one and 30 seconds to do the second one.

That's a 35% improvement in efficiency by focusing on ONE task at a time.

Pretty cool, right?

πŸ‘‰ 2. Focus on the most critical thing.

You can break things up into urgent and important tasks.  

For example, most emails are not urgent or important.  

But an email alerting you that your basement is flooding... that's both urgent and important.

Focus on things that are important but not urgent.  

Some examples: batch preparing meals, building relationships, efficient workouts, and things that move the ball down the field.

Most people spend WAY too much time on the "not urgent," unimportant stuff like social media, zero-value emails, and busy work.

There's a difference between being busy and being productive.  

Focus on producing... because if you take care of the little important things, the bigger things take care of themselves.

πŸ‘‰ 3. Focus on the things you really enjoy.

I understand that there are things you have to get done that you don't necessarily enjoy.  

Laundry, running errands, and work commutes may come to mind.

Perhaps eating mindfully feels like a drag.

But sometimes you just need a change in attitude and perspective to start enjoying the things that must get accomplished.

Take exercise for instance.

It's no secret that you must strength train and sweat a few times per week, just like we do at the best personal training program near Allentown, PA.

You may not enjoy what you've done in the past.  

It may have been mundane.

Training should be fun, keep you safe, and create measurable results.  

Especially the results part. If you aren't seeing results, yet are following a proven plan and giving an honest effort, you may just need a change in perspective.

If you want more energy, greater strength, less bodyfat, and more confidence... then you must follow a smart training plan, practice mindful nutrition, get quality sleep, and stay accountable with a coach.  

I've got 24+ years of coaching experience to say, with absolute confidence, that it's tough to fail when you do the above things.

Whatever you choose to do, stay focused and see it through until you achieve your priority-one goal.  

And after that, MAINTAIN your awesomeness.

Have a great day,  

Coach Joseph Arangio  



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