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How to Wake Up Refreshed During Daylight Saving Time holiday mindset sleep Mar 08, 2024

"Springing forward" feels more like stumbling backward because you're so tired. 

You know it's daylight saving time when even the most...

How to Build a Better Bedtime Routine sleep stress management Feb 27, 2024

Ever wake up feeling like you need a nap before you even get out of bed? 

Simple things, like doing an early workout or eating breakfast, feel...

The New Rules of Caffeine nutrition sleep stress management Feb 20, 2024

If caffeine had a theme song, it would be "Eye of the Tiger." You drink it, and suddenly you're like, "Whoa, I can conquer the world!"

It's like a...

The New Rules of Napping sleep Nov 30, 2023

They say laughter is the best medicine, but have you tried a hearty laugh followed by a solid nap?

While the significance of a good night's sleep...

How to Sleep Better sleep Nov 24, 2023

I don't know about you, but so many clients tell me they don't sleep very well.

Can you remember the last time you woke up after a full night's...

5 Tips to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time holiday sleep Nov 03, 2023

Boss: "You're an hour late!"

Guy who is about to invent daylight savings time: "Haven't you heard?"

In some parts of the world, during daylight...

The Truth About Biohacking Your Health nutrition sleep train Aug 21, 2023

In a world inundated with information and endless possibilities to improve your life, it's easy to become overwhelmed. The pursuit of optimal...

5 Things You Must Do After Your Workout sleep Jul 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered why some over-40 men and women seem to accomplish so much while others accomplish so little?

I know I have.

As a...

How to Get Better Rest sleep stress management Jul 22, 2023

You know that in order to take care of your family, you must take care of yourself first.

And everything starts with rest and recovery. But, how do...


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