5 Things You Must Do After Your Workout

sleep Jul 26, 2022

Have you ever wondered why some over-40 men and women seem to accomplish so much while others accomplish so little?

I know I have.

As a fitness-and-nutrition coach, I’ve been blessed to observe both.

I’m grateful to have such a unique vantage point because I have a thriving community of folks in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s who are athletically fit and, as a result, living life to its fullest.

What’s the difference-maker?

Well, I’d be lying to you if I told you there was only one thing that made all the difference.

Truth is, there are a lot of variables.

However, one thing I’ve noticed amongst nearly every single high-performing client is that he or she has a singular, unrelenting focus on recovery.

Most people can't simply focus on getting a good night's sleep.

No phone.

No distractions.

No interruptions.

Just deep, restorative sleep.

Because one hour of quality sleep beats the pants out of three or four hours of restless tossing and turning.

When you couple that with a few proven training-and nutrition strategies, you slow aging.

5 Things You Must Do After Your Workout

Watch the video lesson at the top of this page.

Next, try this experiment:

Take your mobile phone and put it in another room while you sleep.

If your phone doubles as your alarm clock, get an old-school alarm clock.

While you're at it, remove the computer or television from your bedroom too.

Social media feeds on your laptop and nightly news broadcasts on your TV will only stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and keep you up.

If you don’t need cable TV, get rid of it.

Does that sound too extreme?

I don’t think so.

And neither do the 40-plus folks who are looking and feeling a decade younger than their biological age.

It’s not easy, but it indeed possible if you follow a proven plan to get leaner, stronger, and younger.

Because like a lot of things in life, recovery is a learnable skill.

Now I know what you may be thinking.

"I already train hard in the gym."

But it's what you do after your workout that helps you burn fat and build muscle.

Men and women over 40, if you're struggling to lose bodyfat and rebuild your body.
If you are skeptical about investing in your health.

Take a leap of faith.

One more thing.

Each Sunday I have a conversation with myself about being fired up for the new week and everything Monday will bring.

At home Sharon batch-preps meals on Sundays and Wednesdays, which saves time and money.

The concept of making your meals ahead of time also encourages mindful eating and portion control.

At the end of every day I spend some time to review what I actually accomplished on that particular day.

I'll also map out my three most important tasks to accomplish, before 11AM, on the following day.

This helps me relax and be more present when I am with my family.

Here’s the truth of the matter.

If I don’t plan ahead and focus on the positives and my blessings, then I’ll most likely feel stressed going into each new day.

Sound familiar?

Heck I know, Mondays are a source of anxiety for so many folks.

There's even a term to describe this phenomenon:

"Sunday Sickies."

Are you dreading something?

Is there a way to spin it more positively so that you look forward to it?

And what would change if you eagerly anticipated it?

Instead of painting a grim negative story, you embrace the opportunity.

Instead of seeing the task as a drudgery, what if you saw it as a wonderful chance to utilize your talents to make the world a better place?

Instead of thinking that you have to do something, realize that you get to do it.

It’s going to be a challenge to lead by example, especially in the current climate.

But you control how your life will turn out.

Why not choose to thrive in the wake of constant challenges.

You can do it.

We can do it together.

Bottom line is this: You decide.

You choose to get leaner, stronger, and younger so you can lead by example and create generational health.

Your choices and actions will determine your outcomes.

Decide well.

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To your success,

Coach Joe



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