How to Get Better Rest

sleep stress management Jul 20, 2022

Life can be stressful, right?

Regardless of your situation, we’ve all been impacted in one way or another by life's challenges. Think death of a loved one, job loss, global viral pandemic, etc.

Maybe you’re a small business owner like me, or you had to adjust to working from home or homeschooling the kids or grand kids thanks to COVID-19 changes.

I’ve heard from several people…

“I just need a break.”

So today, I wanted to dig into a valuable lesson I learned a few years back.

How to Get Better Rest

You know we always talk about taking care of yourself first, putting your own oxygen mask on first, and so forth.

You also know that in order to take care of others you have to be at your best.

I know that if I want to be a good leader for the team, I have to be at my personal best.

You know that in order to take care of your family, you have to make sure you're taking care of yourself first.

And everything starts with rest and recovery.

But, how do you get better rest?

We're all familiar with resting, you know, taking a break.

It's often hard to do, especially when you're busy, but it's pretty simple in concept.

Some examples of smart recovery strategies:

  • Get your 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • Take a 20-minute midday nap.
  • No screen time at bedtime.

However, have you ever enjoyed a great night's sleep, taken the weekend "off," or tried to just sit and "rest," and then at the end of the day you actually DON'T feel recharged?

It's because you didn't renew yourself.

Your body needs rest. Your mind needs to be renewed.

And for most of us, it’s a mental game.

So, how do you renew yourself?

I’ll state the obvious one first.

Complete an online personal training session or visit the best personal trainer near Allentown, PA.

Whether you are getting results online or in-person, it's critical that you follow a proven plan.

You know the obvious benefits of resistance training exercise... things like disease prevention, boosting energy, and losing bodyfat.

Of course you may feel physically tired at the end of a coaching session, but you're mentally fresh and renewed too.

Another strategy for renewal includes completing a task or checking something off of your to-do list.

I write a daily lesson and that helps me recharge my batteries.

Maybe completing a task makes you feel a sense of accomplishment too.

That's why the habit of daily journaling is so beneficial.

You get all your current thoughts onto paper. All of a sudden you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. You feel renewed.

Other proven renewal strategies include getting outside and getting into nature.

There is nothing that a good nature walk can’t fix.

Revisit Your Vision, Your Priority-one Goal, and Your "Why"

I know for me, reviewing my number-one goal renews me.

It keeps me excited about the future.

So, whether it’s a hobby, some activity, or that thing you’ve been putting off because you just didn’t have enough time, find something that renews you.

True physical rest is important, don't get me wrong; however, my challenge to you today is this:

If you find yourself resting, yet not feeling refreshed, try to do something that actually renews you.

Something else I wanted to share.

The fastest path to where you want to go begins with YOU.

All too often you may think the magic lies in a system or a tactic, but the truth is that YOU are the engine that will propel you from where you are to where you want to be.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the best investment of your resources is an investment in yourself.

Compared to the investment you could make in a stock or a bond, or a new car, an investment back into yourself will almost always yield a better return.

A car will depreciate over time.  And you’d be fortunate to average a 10% annual return on an investment in stocks.

An investment in you will often yield far more.

If you invest in your health, things like getting leaner and stronger, it will be easier to develop your work skills or your technical knowledge.

If you have more energy and a happier work-life balance, you’ll likely be far more marketable in your chosen field.

If you invest in coaching you're likely to stay accountable to your priority-one goal.

Consider your business skills, like marketing and selling, are almost certainly assured an annual ROI of more than 10%.

And you're likely to be better at business when you are not burdened by obesity and depression.

If you invest in building your Ideal Body and your Ideal Life, the payoff is arguably beyond measure.

See, the truth is this: You’re the first domino in your own world.

Things begin with you.

Excellent health starts with you.

A happy home starts with you.

The better you develop yourself, the more powerful the impact you can have in the world.

So if you want to impact many and to do great things, start with the person in the mirror.

It’s the first step toward the vision you want to create and the goals you want to achieve.

To your success,

Coach Joe



Joseph Arangio helps 40+ men and women get leaner, stronger, and happier. He's delivered over 100,000 transformation programs to satisfied clients around the globe. If you want to lose weight from home, with the best online personal trainer, or you want to visit the best personal trainer in the Lehigh Valley, you can take a free 14-day trial.

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