How Shawn Lost 16 Pounds

#arangiohero mindset Jul 17, 2022

As a coach I get much satisfaction helping folks get healthy.

In fact, my wife Sharon and I have dedicated our lives to coaching others and teaching the habits of health.

It is especially refreshing to hear how some of our clients are also helping others get healthy too.

Check out how Dr. Shawn Quinn...

  • Lost 16 pounds.
  • Dropped 6 inches from his waist.
  • Achieved 10% bodyfat.

Being in the best shape of his life is helping him leave a legacy.

Here's how he responded to this question: Who would you like to inspire to get in shape and why?

"I would like to inspire my patients to get healthy. I see approximately 2.5 patient/hour. I work 1440 hours per year. That's 3,600 patient per year that I evaluate, speak to, educate, and acutely save their lives occasionally. If I work 30 years that's a little over 100,000 patients I will see in my career in the emergency department. Let's say I can inspire 1% of those people to get in shape, extend their life and see their children and grandchild grow up, and enjoy their lives together. That's 1,000 people that could have died very early from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, etc. That's power in numbers."

- Shawn M. Quinn, DO

How Shawn Lost 16 Pounds

Habits will eventually form routines.

Those routines must become a new, healthier way of living… a new style of life… a new lifestyle.

I have been teaching, practicing, researching and learning about this topic for 25-plus years.

There are a lot of myths out there... it seems like an entire internet of misinformation.

(Remember simple does NOT sell.)

There's ignorance, even among the so-called experts.

Worse yet, there are tons of lies being intentionally told by a shady diet-and-fitness industry.

That's why I've come to some basic and fundamental principles that work.

Truth that stands out and endures over time. What worked twenty years ago works today and will work twenty years from now.

Good news is I'm about to share my "secrets" with you.

Okay, so what really works?

I believe that creating your "Ideal Body" is a process of lifetime recovery.

You never "get there" to a point where you are done and no longer need to pay attention.

That is the biggest diet myth of all, the myth that once you lose the weight and get fit, well, then you're done.

Your body doesn't exactly work like that.

Transforming your habits for life happens one day at a time, one action step at a time.

Here are my top SIX tips to transform your habits into routines:

1. 🎯Exercise most days

Lift weights. Do sprint-style conditioning.

Forty-five minutes of resistance training and conditioning.

Do this four days per week.

Use intense effort versus longer workouts with low effort.

Consistency and intensity are the keys that make these training sessions work so well.

2. 🎯Plan your meals ahead of time and follow your plan

You can’t go wrong with eating a balance of healthy foods, especially smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

And if you batch prepare said meals, on Sundays and Wednesdays, you'll be more likely to eat mindfully.

You'll also have fewer excuses for missed meals and "no good options" for your next meal.

An occasional "free day" or "cheat meal" gives you flexibility and practicality which are key for long-term results.

Did I hear somebody say pizza pie?

3. 🎯Connect with a positive support team for accountability

Transformation is a team sport, so to speak.

Join a community of other like-minded people who are also trying to make healthy changes and you'll increase your chance of success.

4. 🎯Think it through

You get OUT of shape by not paying attention to what you are doing.

You get IN shape by taking the opposite approach, which is to pay attention to your health.

Stay in your lane and don’t take your eyes off the road.

Take a few minutes each evening to review how you did that day, give yourself feedback, make note of several things you did right that day, and identify one thing you can do even better the following day.

Think, plan, and prepare as a daily habit.

5. 🎯Your mindset is key

Set your mind in the right direction–cultivate a positive, healthy mindset by seeing your progress as success.

Heck, just making an effort to improve your health is success.

Be proud of even trying because most people don’t.

Success must be measured by the completion of key daily action steps... and not just by watching the scale.

Measure your success by what you have accomplished, not by what you haven’t.

Focus on progress, not perfection.

6. 🎯Develop a long-term vision for your health

Set mid and short-term, measurable, specific goals which are aligned with your vision and values.

Remember that human beings are motivated by the prize more than the penalty.

Reward yourself in a meaningful way for the achievement of goals and you'll be inspired to keep going.

Momentum is a powerful driving force.

Yes, you absolutely, positively, can change.

It's never too late.

I have seen so many people lose fat and gain muscle, transform their health, and change their lives over the long term with the approach I just described.

Now, is this the only way?

No, of course not.

There is more than one path to get to the top of a mountain.

But when you decide to change your health and improve your life, how many proven effective ways do you need?

Only one.

So pick one that works for you and stick with it.

Don’t settle for a body you don’t like and a life you don’t love.

Accept the fact that you can change, you have the ability, and with that ability comes the responsibility.

It is up to you to own that responsibility.

No one is going to do this for you.

You are the one your "Ideal Body" and life is waiting on.

When you change your health and life for the better, you inspire others to do it too.

You lead by example.

You can change the world around you by changing yourself, it’s true.

And with the right method, it is pretty simple. I didn’t say easy, I said simple.

When times get tough and you feel like giving up, remind yourself that nothing worth having comes easy.

Want to get leaner and stronger during these turbulent times?

I'll guarantee your results from anywhere in the world.

If you follow my plan, yet don't hit your goals, I'll refund your tuition.

That's my iron-clad promise to you.

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Coach Joe



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