How to Make Healthy Meals In Less Time

Jan 30, 2023
How to Make Healthy Meals

You've probably heard that bodyfat is burned in the kitchen.

This is true; however, many over-40 men and women are so busy that they do "not have time" to cook.

In this article I wrote, Quick and Healthy Cooking Hacks, Josh Hingst, former nutrition specialist and head strength and conditioning coach with the Philadelphia Eagles, shares his proven shortcuts to help you plan and prepare quick, easy meals.

Back in 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC Championship and, after that, the 2018 Super Bowl.

One key point is that championships are built in the off-season.

And, under the guidance of Coach Josh, the team trains smart at one of the top facilities in the NFL.

He talked about these five proven rules that all of his successful athletes live by:

#1. Sleep deeply.

And that means quantity and quality. Aim for 7 to 8 hours per night in a cool room that is completely dark with limited ambient noise.

#2. Train four sessions per week.

Frequent exercise that encompasses both strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.

#3. Eat clean and unprocessed meals.

Enjoy a high-variety diet comprised mostly from whole food sources such as fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

#4. Drink water often.

Maintain a healthy hydration level with frequent water consumption. In particular, drink at least one-half of your bodyweight (in ounces) of water daily.

So a 200-pounder drinks at least 100 ounces of plain water every single day.

Do this before 5pm in order to avoid messing up your sleep with frequent trips to the bathroom.

#5. Scheduled time, every day, for mental and emotional recovery.

Training is cathartic, which means it's a productive way to de-stress.

For me, it's fun to see a super down-to-earth guy coaching my favorite team.

He keeps his athletes accountable by establishing clear goals and deadlines versus yelling in their face to "motivate" them.

I couldn't agree more.

I'm proud to say that, since 1996, my client-athletes have been training according to the same proven principles as the pros.

If your way is working, awesome job and keep it up.

But if your way is not working, why not join our team?

I'll personally guarantee your success when you follow the proven plan.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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