How to Think Positive Thoughts

mindset Jul 07, 2022
How to Think Positive Thoughts

Before getting a new car, say a red Corvette, you've probably done some research.

And then, all of a sudden, you start seeing that exact same make and model of vehicle everywhere you go.


This happens thanks to your brain's awesome Reticular Activating System (RAS).

The RAS is a bundle of nerves that filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through.

In the same way, the RAS seeks information that validates your beliefs.

It's not that there are, all of a sudden, more little red Corvettes on the road than before. 🚗

Thanks to your RAS, you're just thinking of red Corvettes, right now, so you see more of them.

But it's not just thoughts on vehicles... it's everything.

Every day you have thousands of thoughts that seem to leap in and out of your mind.

Those thoughts greatly define who you are, who you will become, and what you will achieve.

How to Think Positive Thoughts

Consider the kinds of thoughts you've had over the past 24 hours.

People tend to dwell on what's not working, and oftentimes your thoughts are dominated by problems and self-criticism.

The RAS is the attitude-programming mechanism in your brain.

So if you're telling yourself you can't do something, you won't be able to do it.

Worrying has the same effect.

Thankfully you can control your attitude (it's about the only thing you can control in life).

A very efficient machine, the RAS zeros in on any area of interest.

So if your attitude is negative, you're going to have negative outcomes.

What's my point?

What does all of this mean for you?

If you're looking to achieve your Ideal Body and life, immerse yourself in positive thoughts about it.

Any statement you make to yourself becomes a single thread in your brain.

More thoughts on that particular topic become a bundle of threads.

Even more thoughts and the bundle becomes a sturdy rope.

So why not make them positive thoughts?

It's the only way to get a positive outcome.

That's why goal setting and gratitude journaling are two of my favorite tools.

Goals focus your attention and force your brain to attract what you want.

Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning how to build your best life.

Setting goals in everything, including training and nutrition, puts your RAS to work.

Practice daily gratitude.

It can be as simple as three things you're grateful for before getting out of bed every morning.

This thankfulness can have a profound impact on your RAS, and positively impact your entire day, leading to even more positive outcomes.

I know it can be challenging but, just like when you think about red Corvettes, and you see more red Corvettes, when you think about positive success, you get more positive success.

One more thing worth sharing.

A while back I was asked how I'd "audit" someone's current training-and-nutrition plan.

Well, I'd make sure you are playing to your strengths, while also trying to simplify.

Here are the questions I'll ask you:

  1. Do you feel like NONE of the things you're doing get true focus and your absolute best effort?
  2. Over the past 6 months, what 3 things have resulted in the biggest improvements in getting closer to your Ideal Body (the leanest, strongest, happiest version of you)?
  3. Are you spending at least 80% of your time dedicated to those things?
  4. Do you feel like you're always busy but never getting the "important stuff" done?
  5. Are you personally spending at least 80% of your time on the things that really drive you forward (leaner, stronger, happier, etc.)?

Then, there are other things that you can actually measure like:

  • Where you are spending your time?
  • Which daily habits yield the most results?

So between the somewhat subjective stuff and the objective things, you should be able to get a pretty good idea.

And finally, the last question that I often default to is super simple:

Is ________________ making you happy? 👈

If the answer is "no" for any extended period of time, for me, it needs to change or go away.

Your Ideal Body is not a fantasy and it's actually probably closer than you think...

...but it won't happen by accident and these questions will help you start moving in that direction.

To your success,

Coach Joe

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