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How the Right Team Will Set You Free

accountability mindset Jan 26, 2024
How the Right Team Will Set You Free | Arangio

I had a conversation with a client and she mentioned the number-one reason she feels she’s achieved such great results.

Did she find the perfect workout program?

Well, her custom-tailored training program is pretty great, but it wasn’t that.

Did she find the perfect diet?

We use a habit-based approach with our mindful nutrition plan, but it wasn’t that either.

Did she find the perfect supplement?

My recommendation is that food is your best medicine, but I've recommend a quality protein powder and multivitamin for years.

So it wasn’t that, either.

“Accountability,” she said.

But what does it really mean?

ac·​count·​abil·​i·​ty | \ ə-ˌkau̇n-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē \

Accountability : the quality or state of being accountable especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions

Accountability means you’re not on the journey alone.

It means that someone else is keeping track of what you’re doing.

Ideally that "someone else" is a professional coach with real experience keeping you accountable to what you said you would do long after the feeling of excitement has gone away.

How the Right Team Will Set You Free

If you lean on a workout buddy or spouse for accountability you may end up frustrated.

Why? Because neither you nor your gym friend or significant other has any skin in the game.

In addition, there's no real reward for doing what you said you would do. And there's no punishment in case you break the promises you made.

Also, depending on your buddy or significant other for coaching and accountability is a conflict of interest and rarely ends well.

However, when you employ a professional accountability coach this way, if you get off track, it’s easier to get back on.

Plus there's no conflict of interest and no hard feelings when things get tough.

Accountability means not just going to the gym and doing a random workout whenever you want, but actually changing your behavior to encourage disease prevention.

There might be some days when you don’t feel like lifting weights or batch-prepping your meals, but if you have the guidance of a professional coach, you’ll be more likely to do what you said you would do... so you don’t let them down.

Accountability is having someone to congratulate you when you do something good, like complete four workouts per week. Not just when you do something “not-so-good” (like miss four workouts in a row).

So whatever your fitness goals, don’t try to fly solo.

Find a fitness-and-nutrition coaching program to hold you accountable to your workouts, your nutrition, and healthy habits.

You’ll be much happier, you will enjoy the journey more, and will almost certainly get better results.

Your team is the secret to long-term success.

My longevity fitness-and-nutrition coaching programs are filled with satisfied clients that are very successful outside of the gym.

Educators. Accountants. Medical professionals. Restaurant owners. Real estate experts.

Real people with real responsibilities and, as a result, real stress.

Recently, more than one of them came up to me and started asking about my own secrets.

They didn’t want the secrets to my Virtual Coaching Program, where I work with folks around the globe.

Nor did they want the secrets behind our very innovative Premium Coaching Program.

(Both programs offer guaranteed results, by the way.)

Actually they wanted my personal secrets on how I maintain consistency.

They were going on and on about my ability to deliver over 100,000 workouts since 1996.

To publish health-and-fitness magazine articles.

To film healthy-home renovation TV shows.

To balance family responsibilities.

To personally maintain athletic levels of strength and bodyfat, even though I'm north of 50 years of age.

"Oh it's so easy for you, Coach Joe."

In the same breath, they complain how they struggle with consistency.

Reality is, I follow the same healthy habits that I teach, almost all of the time.

I'm human and have my flaws; however, I use coaching, just like you, as a way to stay accountable and fast-track my success.

In both the Virtual and Premium Coaching programs, I reveal lots of "secrets."

One of the biggest truths is you cannot do this alone.

You must believe.

I'm consistent because I believe in what I'm doing. I have confidence because I surround myself with cool people who are smarter than me.

Yes, I invest in coaching too.

Following a proven plan for decades versus days is the key to happiness.

I was on the phone with another client who told me he was having trouble batch-prepping his weekly meals because he hates grocery shopping.

I suggested he practice gratitude that he has access to fresh food, then order groceries online and get them delivered.

Problem solved.

Look, you don’t need some quick-fix juice cleanse, some workout shortcut, some pill or potion.

What you need is to to join an experienced team that delivers results for the rest of your life.

That’s my proven formula.

One more thing.

Before you choose another "random" diet or workout program, make sure you answer these three questions.

1. What's your goal?

More specifically, in the next 90 days exactly what do you want to accomplish?

Here are some realistic goals:

  • Lose 15 pounds of fat 
  • Drop 4% body fat
  • Run a 5K
  • Lower your cholesterol by 50 points
  • Lose two dress sizes

The key is to make sure your goal is specific and measurable. "Lose weight" or "feel better" is not specific enough to measure progress along the way.

And if you don't know your exact destination, how will you know when you finally arrive.

2. Why do you want to reach that goal?

The reason why you want to achieve something is more important that the how.

Have you ever started a diet or workout routine and been so excited that this is the time you're really going to make it happen?

Then after three weeks or so you lose interest and slip back into the old habits and lifestyle.

Another failed attempt.

Some diets are definitely better than others; however, the one that you stick with is the one that works.

Until you define why you are going to lose the weight or reach the goal you've set for yourself, it will not happen.

Here are some strong reasons "why" that I often hear:

  • I just want to feel like my old self again
  • I want to be active in my kids and grand kids lives
  • I hate the way I look
  • I'm tired of being a spectator in life
  • I want to walk into a room and feel confident

Until you define this for yourself, things will remain the same.

3. On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you?

You know what you want and why you want it.

But how committed are you to getting it?

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "I don't have any interest in reaching this goal" and 10 is "I will do whatever it takes to reach this goal," where would you fall on this scale?

Be honest with yourself. Most of the people I meet with say they are at a 9 or 10.

Then when it comes to taking action they start to waver.

What does wavering look like?

  • Setting a goal to exercise three times per week, but showing up once or twice.
  • Not giving up or at least cutting back on drinking alcohol.
  • Never logging a day of nutrition so your coach can give you feedback and help you make adjustments.
  • Saying and doing can be two different things.
  • This isn't about being perfect.

It's about making forward progress and changing one or two habits at a time to live a healthy lifestyle.

Timing is everything.

Sometimes you have to get so disgusted with your current situation that you can't stand it for another day.

You will take action only when the pain to remain the same becomes greater than the pain to change.

Read that one again.

Action = Pain to remain the same > Pain to change

To wrap this up, here is what this could look like for you:

"I'm 100% committed to losing 15 pounds of fat and dropping two dress/pants sizes, so that I have the energy to be actively involved in the lives of the people I love. My deadline to accomplish this goal is in 15 weeks."

This is specific, measurable, has a defined deadline and a reason why you will make it happen.

Sounds much different than, "I will try to start a workout program because I would like to lose some weight and feel better."

You can do this and I have the exact system to guarantee your success.

If you want me to give you a step-by-step plan and hold you accountable, simply apply here and then schedule a time to talk about what you want to accomplish.


Accountability is the key to achieving your goals. Relying on friends or family for accountability may lead to frustration. A professional coach provides objectivity, and will ensure you stay safe, have fun, and get measurable outcomes. 

To your success,

Coach Joe



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