How to Break the Stress Cycle

mindset stress management Aug 12, 2022
Stress Management

Things can definitely get uncomfortable at times.

An extra take-out meal here, and an extra trip there.

Dinners and drinks.

It happens to all of us.

Then to top it off, your schedule doesn’t even seem to be your own anymore.

You can almost feel the stress going up and your energy levels going down.

Taking care of yourself seems like a pipe dream.

I was speaking with a client who said she started gaining about 10 pounds per year in middle age.

She felt frazzled from many grownup responsibilities, namely working long hours with no end in sight.

After 5 years she was 50 pounds over her ideal weight and nearly 40% bodyfat.

At her annual physical her doctor asked if she "wanted to dig a grave with her teeth?"

Something about that harsh-yet-to-the-point statement motivated her to get serious about her fitness and nutrition.

Here's what she said:

"It's about knowing your triggers and avoiding them altogether. Now I stop eating after a certain pre-planned amount of food and get up an hour earlier so I can exercise despite my busy schedule. When it comes to obesity, I think it does a real disservice to say that personal choice and discipline does not make a difference. It does. I got back to my normal healthy weight and have maintained it for many years. But, I will tell you it NEVER gets any easier, and I struggle with food every day. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change and a change in how you see food. If you are going to be successful, you must take personal responsibility for life."

Maybe you feel the same, stressed out with no end in sight.

The whirlwind and relentless pace you've been keeping has been extremely overwhelming.

Perhaps you're feeling burned out.

If you’ve been in the stress cycle feeling like you’re not getting anywhere because you’re completely overwhelmed, this is your wake up call that today would be a perfect day to break that cycle.

I get it.

You've grown weary as you read about tragedy in the news.

Being stressed to the max isn’t helping.

Stress has negative physiological effects on your brain and body.

Too much stress discourages you from following proven strategies like smart training, mindful nutrition, and getting deep sleep.

It is not helping you to be a better parent, spouse or friend.

You get stressed because you feel burdened by your current situation in life. This feeling of overwhelm causes cortisol to spike which, in turn, destroys your sleep, makes you crave sugar, and causes brain fog.

You get less done because you’re not on your A-game... because you’re stressed.

See the cycle you’re in?

How to Break the Stress Cycle

Perhaps you feel anxious about starting – or restarting – a fitness-and-nutrition program.

I get that habit change can be intimidating.

Maybe you’ve been out of a routine for a few months, or even a few years, and aren’t sure how to get started.

Maybe you’re not sure you’ll be able to keep up.

Maybe you’ve gone to a big corporate gym or large-group studio in the past and have gotten injured... and you’re anxious about that happening again.

This brings me to what I’d like to say about feeling anxious.

Let me preface it with this: Of course, medically diagnosed anxiety and depression are very real and should be treated seriously.

But for the majority of us, feeling anxious isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, if you’re not feeling anxious, you’re missing out.

If you’re not a little restless, chances are you’re stuck in your comfort zone.

And no change, growth, or improvement can happen if you stay in your comfort zone.

So, if you’re feeling anxious about starting or resuming your fitness-and-nutrition program realize that

A) you’re not alone, and

B) you’re feeling anxious because you’ve made a decision to push yourself outside your comfort zone and toward a better version of yourself.

Embrace those butterflies in your stomach and transform the anxious feelings into a momentum that will propel you forward.

Break the cycle today by taking imperfect action to relieve stress.

Spend some time thinking about your future and what is important to you.

What will you do today to break the cycle?

Lift some weights? 



Do some yoga?


Hop on your bike? 

Call a friend?

Get some fresh air?

A few things for you to think about tonight, as you are settling down to fall asleep...

Action is how we're judged.

Words might be indicative of what you want… but actions prove who you are.

"Small steps forward" are the most probable way for you to reach your goals.

🌜You’ve survived 100% of the challenges you’ve faced so far… so have confidence that you can overcome future difficulties.

🌜Don’t be the person who overvalues what you’re not and undervalues what you are.

🌜Play to your strengths.

🌜There are plenty of things outside of your control. And that’s okay. Control what you can.

🌜You control how you respond... your response largely dictates you results.

🌜How you look at things tends to make all the difference.

🌜Great expectations precede great outcomes.

🌜Win today. It’s the first step to bigger accomplishments.

🌜When you achieve a goal or accomplish something meaningful… enjoy it.

🌜You’ll often find that the goal achieved is enjoyable…but not the best part. It’s more about what you’ve become through the process and the accomplishment of working the process itself.

🌜Excellence isn’t an accident.

🌜Lift others up. Today. Everyday.

🌜Use other peoples' achievements for education and inspiration. Not envy or jealousy.

🌜Worry less about your 5 and 10-year plan and more about your 24 and 168-hour plans.

If any of these things resonate with you, and you think the message could help someone else, please share.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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