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How Creighton Lost 14 Pounds In 30 Days

#arangiohero mindset Dec 05, 2023

Not every guy, over the age of 40, comes to me looking to drop 50-100 pounds.

Some are much closer to their ideal body. Maybe 5-10 pounds away from excellence.

But they're stuck and need the guidance of a professional.

Just like you hire an expert mechanic to work on your car when it needs a tune-up, you should invest in an experienced coach when it comes to your body.

Today, I have the perfect example of what happens when you combine a proven coaching program with a stellar work ethic with a good a good attitude.

So what does it take to lose 14 pounds in just 30 days?

Here are some inspirational words from superstar client-athlete, Creighton Faust.

I choose the term "superstar" because, in his younger days, he ran at an elite level.

Nowadays he's a busy professional married guy, with kids, and many grown up responsibilities.

Creighton is also a cancer survivor.

How Creighton Lost 14 Pounds In 30 Days

Read his story below and then watch the video of our conversation where Creighton shares his success secrets.

"I used to be an endurance athlete and found myself eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. When I stopped doing marathons, it was always a struggle to adjust my eating accordingly. I lost touch with proper nutrition and diet needs. I found my eating and exercise habits were not giving me the results I wanted. I wanted to lose 10 lbs and eventually realized I was incapable of doing it by myself. I always struggled with the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats and also over time relied heavily on processed foods as a convenience. Joe’s nutrition plan changed all this. I do not feel hungry on his plan and I feel very healthy. I’m finally eating the proper foods, portions and nothing processed! Two things that Joe’s program helped me the most with was nutrition and understanding the need for sleep. Since on his program, I feel great — Energetic and healthy. Lean and mean!"

~ Creighton Faust

What's his secret?

Creighton always shows up and does the work.


He's like the diligent stone cutter, chipping away every single day.

And you know what?

If you shift your mindset to this new way of thinking, you will achieve success too.

Many professional married men and women, over the age of 40, want to improve; but maybe you’re being pulled back to where you were in the past.

The answer to your future success is stepping into your new identity and owning it.

I’m not going to tell you it’s the easiest thing I work on with client-athletes... but it’s a common one so you can sustain your progress.

And once you’ve accepted and owned this new identity, it’s yours.

What was previously your best month now becomes your normal month.

What you previously thought of as an "I wish…" becomes your current reality.

See, I’m not talking about some "woo-woo" thing.

I’m talking about earning a new level of success and sustaining it because you deserve it.

I’m talking about changing expectations… for the rest of your life.

Yes, you can have a lean-and-athletic body when you're way past the age of 40.

You can indeed slow aging, but you have to BELIEVE that you deserve it.

Something else.

Is it possible to feel 10 years younger?

Without a doubt, yes.

Studies have shown that 50% of all disease can be completely avoided when you exercise and eat supportively.

Imagine maintaining a lean-and strong-body through your 40s, 50s, and beyond?

Your hair may turn grey and your skin may wrinkle.

But when it comes to your strength, endurance, mindset, and overall well-being, you can effectively stay the same until your 80s or even 90s.

Here are a few success "secrets": The longer you wait the harder things will be, so get started today.

And the longer you follow mindful habits (think smart training and getting quality sleep), the more powerful exercise and eating right will be for you.

Consider resistance training as an example.

Strength training sends the strongest signal to your brain to slow aging.

In other words, when you lift weights in a strategic manner, you'll build muscle versus losing muscle.

This leads to healthier joints, better stamina, and the ability to move better doing things you love.

Also, you need a “why.”

You will need a powerful reason to follow healthy habits for decades and not just days.

Your "why" can be family or friends, or your coach. Or anything and anyone you can commit to beyond yourself.

Truth is, you may not care to have 10% bodyfat and washboard abs.

Maybe you just want to have healthy habits that give you a shot at being around to see your healthy kids raise their own families.

If you choose daily habits that discourage health (smoking, drinking, lack of activity, etc.) there's still time to change.

Today is the day you can reboot your mind and body, and start following habits of health, so you stand a chance seeing your grandkids graduate from high school.

Take a moment to think about your destiny.

Why were you born?

Sure, you have different goals in the short term.

But it’s ultimately about living a longer and healthier life, and helping others, regardless of whether you are a factory worker, plumber or a college professor.

At a micro level, humans are motivated by different short-term things.

But at a macro level, today's decision to skip your workout or to eat an entire bag of candy corn, is tied to a larger macro motivator... choosing habits that encourage you to live better.

Make sense?

Perhaps "living better" means spending time with your grandkids, traveling more, or whatever it is for you.

If you leave the earth too soon you may not enjoy the little things.

You know, things like seeing your kids graduate from high school, start a business, get married, or something else.

For me, meeting my grandkids is a motivator to continue to train smart, eat mindfully, manage stress, and stay accountable to the proven plan.

I can only speak about my goals, and I’m aware every situation is unique.

Of course unexpected things can happen; however, many health issues are linked to poor eating, inactivity, and unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.

So dig deep and find your inspiration. It's something that will help you to get back on track when you find yourself skipping a workout or making other unhealthy choices.

Sure, you may have weight-loss goals and maybe even performance goals.

But these superficial things are always tied to more heartfelt desires.

So practice the habits of health so you can live a rich and beautiful life... and encourage others to do the same.

Because, really, nothing else matter.

Thank you for sharing if you agree with this message.

To your success,

Coach Joe

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