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How to Work Hard When Nobody Is Watching

mindset Jun 25, 2024
How to Work Hard When No One Is Watching

I remember a few years back I was on an early-morning flight, couldn’t get internet, and for some reason or another, I missed emailing out that day's coaching lesson.

After we landed, and the captain said it was okay to switch my phone back on, I had texts and voicemails from clients asking about my daily lesson.

You know, the one that appears in your email inbox around 4:00 AM.

Well, it was 12:05 PM and still no lesson.

So I scrambled to get a teaching out, and all went well, but it was an eye-opening moment for me.

It's actually pretty simple to write this lecture every morning.

In fact, it has become a habit over the years.

It also helps that I enjoy writing and it doubles as my morning journal.

Sometimes I just crack open my laptop and write whatever is on my mind.

Other days I revisit past lessons that were especially powerful.

But that’s not the real reason it’s simple for me to publish a daily newsletter.

I have thousands of people waiting to read it, first thing in the morning, every day.

You are my accountability.

This makes it really easy because I know I have to show up for you.

Truth is, you're counting on me to show up to some degree.

Which brings me to this common question.

Q: What's one of the hardest things to do?
A: Work hard when nobody's watching.

In any facet of life it's easy to work hard when you have eyes on you, or people relying on you.

Whether that's in work, family, or fitness, if someone is watching you, or counting on you to get something done, it's easy to work diligently.

But how do you act when no one is looking?

How to Work Hard When Nobody Is Watching

You're a good human being and probably don't want to disappoint others.

It's why the fundamentals are so important, like having a set appointment to train and showing up on time.

Want to know the big "trick" we use to encourage you to be accountable?

Work like there is always someone watching you.

You’re probably going to get more out of a coaching session (with an experienced coach) compared to if you just secretly did your own thing, no one watching you, with zero accountability.

That's because a coach can help you focus on your target.

But working hard when no one is watching is one of the toughest things to do.

However, the folks that have this discipline can quickly pull away from the pack and see outstanding results, in any facet of life.

Because there are always going to be moments where progress is made when you are working hard “behind the scenes.”

Let's look at a work situation.

You're in the office, you have things you could be doing, but there is nothing super urgent, and no one is watching you.

What do you do?

Do you putter around, checking social media, and just kill time?

That's the default because it's hard to work hard when no one is watching.

When it comes to your health, do you get up before the kids/grandkids and complete your workout?

Working hard on your health when nobody's watching is a true test of character.

Do you say "no" to an entire container of mint chocolate chip ice cream at 9:00 PM, even if no one will know that you ate it?

It's in that moment when you open the fridge at night, and the temptation of a leftover pizza calls out to you.

But no! You slam that fridge door shut and say, "Not tonight, pizza! I've got bigger plans for this body than a food coma."

The hardest thing to do is work hard when nobody's watching, but it's in those moments, if you stay focused, you can make the biggest strides in your progress.

I challenge you to look at one opportunity where you can be honest with yourself and change your efforts.

Do your best because someone is watching. Always.

I have another fantastic message that should not be ignored. 

You probably take your annual tax filing to a certified accountant.

And I bet you bring your automobile to a professional mechanic if the engine needs a tune-up.

These are simple examples where you will completely delegate a task to an expert in exchange for money.

You pay them to complete a job that you are not qualified to do or simply don't want to do.

Maybe you are competent enough to do the chore yourself, but too busy.

Other things, like getting healthy, can only be partially delegated.

Yes, you can hire a professional coach to create a customized body-transformation plan and provide accountability; however, you must follow the nutrition plan and get ample recovery yourself.

Your coach can help you count your macros for fat loss or create a trendy eating strategy, like keto, but you're the only one who can actually consume the food.

Sure you can go to a restaurant, order food for delivery, or even cook a meal yourself; however, it's still your job to chew, swallow, and digest your food.

Make sense?

Once again you must do the work; however, you need to know the best-practice way to do it.

Heck, even if you take injectable weight-loss drugs or testosterone replacement therapy, both which require a doctor's prescription, you will still have to train hard and physically lift the weights yourself. 

Nobody but you can get quality sleep for you either.

Remember, there's no magic pill that can replace a healthy lifestyle including resistance training, balanced nutrition, getting quality sleep, and managing stress.

A pill or injection can't replace the no-nonsense accountability you get from a professional coach either.

Have issues with nutrition and you can’t seem to figure it out?

Share your goal with me and I'll help.

I've got a proven plan and the experience to help you take imperfect action.

We can chat about it and decide what approach would help you the most.

And if it’s not nutrition, maybe it’s your accountability?

That's okay because I've built a proven system that works when you put it to work.

Let's say you feel tight and have issues "moving"?

In this case your action plan is to focus on daily mobility.

Whatever it may be, just be sure of one thing.

Next time you start feeling sorry for yourself, come up with some sort of excuse, or look for that “easy” road consider this:

The leanest, strongest, and happiest version of you is just a click away.

We can jump on a video coaching call and discuss your goal, deadline to hit the goal, and a plan of action.

The coaching calls are fun and, did I mention, free.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life, from anywhere in the world, share your #1 goal here.

Select a time to talk on the next page.

Look forward to speaking with you.

To the naysayers out there, if your results are better than ours, then do it your way.

If our results are better than yours, well, you can still do it your way.

That’s the beauty of it all.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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