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How to Stick with What Works

accountability mindset Feb 03, 2024
How to Stick with What Works Arangio

The medical field (as we know it) wasn’t always the strict scientific, research-backed community that it is today.

Because up until the late 1700s, it was based mostly on myth, folklore, and knowledge from people such as chiefs, priests, and kings.

How exactly did these people get their medical knowledge?

I suppose nobody dared to ask.

One particular example is that of bloodletting.

For centuries, medical practitioners bled patients for nearly every possible ailment.

To give you an idea of how common this was, it was as popular as aspirin is today.

I can’t imagine how many people died because of this practice.

Among them was President George Washington, who died when his doctors bled him to cure a sore throat.

How did these well-meaning and well-educated people get it so wrong for so long?

It’s because they all believed untested theories that advocated bloodletting.

In other words, they just followed what everybody else was doing at the time.

The ancient Greeks developed a theory that all illness resulted from an imbalance of humors (blood being one of them).

Bleeding was a way to correct that imbalance.

This "humoral imbalance" theory dominated medical thinking because nobody stopped to test if it was REALLY the cause of illness.

I guess everyone read what the ancient Greeks wrote and said:

“Taking away half of somebody's blood, when they are not feeling well, sounds like a great idea.”

I sometimes think of this example when I see men and women, over the age of 40, blindly signing up for "anti-aging" programs that recommend testosterone replacement therapy.

By the way you can't "reverse" aging, only slow it down.

Best strategy is to focus on what works.

How to Stick with What Works

I’m beginning to see certain fitness "gurus" teach short-term workout plans which masquerade as supplement programs.

In other words, they make money selling you questionable "hormone-boosting" supplements. Problem is they are so focused on biohacking your health that they never really encourage you to do the basics (think getting deep sleep nightly).

This is concerning because, even though some supplements and biohacks have a real benefit, I think these false gurus are forgetting what matters most… results.

The goal isn't to eat more supplements or sit in a tub of ice until you get frostbite.

The purpose of everything is to hit your priority-one goal, and then maintain your healthy habits for life.

Why do all of this?

So you can build your best life, create generational health, and leave a legacy.

That’s why I stress the concept of nailing the basics.

What is proven to work?

What has real, legitimate data backing it up?

The same things I've been teaching for 25+ years.

You see, I did not reinvent the wheel or myself. In fact, those "gurus" who completely reinvent themselves every time a new diet strategy is created, or at least create a persona that seems completely different, well, personally, I don't trust them very much.

"Hey, I'm the Keto King!"

"Okay, last week I was the Keto King, but now I'm the Intermittent-Fasting Fanatic!"

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't evolve and improve.

Let me share a couple of examples.

Very few things are "completely new." It's that way with most stuff. 

Is the idea of eating vegetables to encourage fat loss a new concept? Of course not.

Vegetables have been around for all of recorded human history. And way before that too.

Nowadays you can just visit your local grocery store to pick up organic produce from around the globe. As a result, you no longer have to be a hunter-gatherer to eat.

But the concept of balancing a lean protein with a vegetable is nothing new.

Lifting weights four times a week and performing some sprints to slow aging? Nothing fancy there either.

Getting eight hours of deep, restorative sleep nightly. Hanging out with positive-minded people. Accountability.

None of these concepts are new. And that's a great thing.

If you know something has worked in the past, you've got a foundation to build from today.

In essence you have a roadmap that takes you to your destination.

Then the job isn't to stare at a blank page and try to create something from scratch.

It's to fine tune, personalize, and optimize. I've pretty much taught every successful client-athlete that way and will continue to do so.

Why continue to teach the same "old-school" proven principles when the rest of the fitness world is selling something pitched as "new and revolutionary"?

Well, because these old-school methods are actually simpler and, for the folks with grit, a proven path to success.

So study what's working now, then see if you can trace it back to where it existed before.

You'll figure out what the bones are, you know, the structure it's built on.

Truth is, the habits to create long-lasting success are hiding in plain sight.

Now, if you'd like my help in fast-tracking the leanest, strongest, and happiest version of yourself, 🎥 be sure to check out this video lesson.

Want a no-nonsense “crash course” in losing fat, adding muscle, and getting healthy?

Eating foods you love and doing workouts you actually enjoy?

If yes, get a behind-the-scenes look at my proven blueprint.

This system has worked for the past 100 years and will continue to work for the next 100 years.

In fact, the past week has been a wonderful reminder that you don't need to totally reinvent yourself to be successful.

For example, here's some of what I did personally:

  • Exercised four times (40 minutes per session) following the principles of progression and overload
  • Practiced mindful nutrition in order to maintain 12% bodyfat
  • Averaged eight hours of sleep nightly
  • Managed stress with my workouts
  • Stayed accountable with my coach

Of course there were many other grown up responsibilities. My point is that I focused on fundamentals.

Sticking to what works is a smart strategy for you too.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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