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How to Feel Better Right Now

mindset Nov 10, 2023
How to Feel Better Right Now | Arangio

Most often, the fastest way to move forward is by subtracting something.

Sounds odd, right? It goes against the popular theme of more, more, and even more.

Boozing way too much. Mindless eating.

Feeling sad and guilty and tired for days afterward, and, as a result, losing motivation to train, eat with a purpose, or get quality sleep.

So many people foolishly suggest that harder workouts and stricter diets are the keys to offset your bad habits.

But you should do less.

Doing less of something seems counterintuitive, but it works.

One particular client stopped trying these juice-cleanses and other short-term approaches and focused in on batch-preparing nutritious meals.

He ditched the "weekend warrior" approach to exercise and committed to four 45-minute workout sessions per week.

Guess what happened?

His bodyfat dropped under 20 percent for the first time in years.

How to Feel Better Right Now

If you are feeling "bad" start removing things from your world.

Choose quality over quantity.

Architects and engineers say that perfection is when there's nothing more to take away.

Not that you should strive for perfection.

Instead, I recommend you take imperfect action, and just get started, or get back on track when you mess up.

I promise that, if you focus on smart training, mindful nutrition, and quality sleep, your impact and personal happiness will skyrocket.

Family and friends will notice a positive change in your mind and body.

Say "no" to eating a box of donuts.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to say “no” to the parties and other situations that are literally and figuratively killing you.

Doing fewer things better is infinitely rewarding.

On the other hand, it's hard.

Simply knowing how to remove negative thoughts, activities, and people from your life will boost your happiness.

You’ll feel better immediately.

You’ll experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with setting a goal and then accomplishing it (on deadline).

It's flattering when somebody comes up to you asking for fitness and nutrition advice because you look fit and healthy.

I know particular clients, struggling with addiction, that continue to smoke and drink and overeat and get beaten by other addictive behaviors.

But I have to remind them often that just because they’ve experienced challenges in the past, it doesn’t mean that they can’t break down the walls of addiction and mediocrity.

Oh yeah, just because you’re presented with “good” opportunities (think limo ride to some mindless birthday party at a casino) doesn’t always mean it’s the right opportunity for you and your family.

And the same holds true for your nutrition plan.

Every new “diet” tactic doesn't need to be applied.

Every "workout" DVD that seems interesting does not need to be purchased.

Every exotic "exercise" someone posts on social media doesn't have to fit into your training program.

In fact, I'd tell you that one of the most powerful things you can do today is to think about what you should stop doing.

Answer these three questions:

🛑 What are you doing, perhaps that someone else could be doing for you, that doesn't provide enough benefit or should be eliminated all together?

🛑 What do you do that sucks the energy right out of you?

🛑 What can you stop doing, that is just OK, so you can spend more time doing things that are GREAT?

Think about what you need to quit.

Then stop doing these things.

One more idea worth sharing with you.

Some days you have good days, some days you have bad days.

Some days it makes sense.

Like when you are well rested, well nourished, and well hydrated.

You go in and crush your workout.

You batch prepare your meals on Sundays and Wednesdays. And practice mindful nutrition.

But there are days when it makes no sense.

You go in under the same conditions and your workout is junk.

But it doesn't matter.

Nothing is guaranteed.

I've been coaching over-40 men and women at a high level for 25+ years.

So I know what kind of results I can deliver over a period of 12-15 months.

Too many people look for the guaranteed quick fix. As if some short-term diet or workout is going to work better now, when you're over the age of 40.

Newsflash: When you are a grownup, you have more responsibilities and less free time.

Think kids (or grandkids), work responsibilities, and everything else going in your life.

Also, you don't recover as quickly from things like you did in your younger days.

Physiologically, you are aging. Joints are wearing out and hormone levels are declining.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I'm not suggesting you can reverse aging. Only a snake-oil-salesperson would suggest that.

What, I'm suggesting is the concept of "age management," where you make strategic choices to actually slow the aging process.

This is what the best online personal trainer is all about: Adding quality of life to your years.

To start, you've got to be smarter in your approach to staying healthy.

The "cleanse" diet or "one-minute" workout that will allegedly transform you in just 2-3 weeks, well, that's too good to be true.

Stop searching for the unrealistic shortcut to getting healthy.

Getting leaner, stronger, and healthier doesn't work like that.

You must be willing to put in the effort.

You must be willing to focus.

You must accept life's challenges with a grain of salt and come back the next day.

You have to keep going and stick with the plan.

Through the ups and downs.

Consistency, effort, and patience is what all my successful online personal training clients practice.

Focus on developing these character traits because these are the only things you can control.

I'll handle your customized training program, nutrition blueprint, recovery strategy, and accountability.

You put in the work.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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