5 Lessons Learned from COVID-19

mindset Oct 28, 2021
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According to author John Maxwell, a crisis will teach you who you are, what you value, and what you believe.

While it feels natural to resist a challenge and wish things would get back to “normal” as quickly as possible, the most successful over-40 men and women embrace adversity and come out better on the other side.

5 Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Although you can’t control things like the weather, or a viral pandemic, you can always control your attitude. Use these strategies to skyrocket your success.

1. Your Health Is Your Greatest Asset

Without health, you can’t truly experience life.

It’s your responsibility to make healthy habits a top priority.

Yet, for many people, the idea of investing to improve is weird.

Like you're a weirdo or something is wrong with you if you need to hire the best online personal trainer. Like you're considered a failure if you ask for help.

That's because some think of a coach as an expense.

The thought of investing a few thousand dollars to get 10 times that back, or to learn in a day what would otherwise take a year (or never), hasn't crossed their mind.

Truth is, you're not investing in a coach. You're investing in outcomes.

Invest in measurable results.

Now I understand that I’m not likely talking about you; however, it's a lesson worth revisiting anyway.

You likely believe that outside perspectives are valuable and that you expect to improve yourself year-after-year.

But this self-improvement attitude isn’t as common as you’d imagine.

Look around at all of the folks in your area. Look at your family, friends, co-workers. Look around your church congregation. Look at the shoppers in your favorite grocery store.

How many invest in their own health maintenance and prevention of disease?

Sure, most folks pay a monthly health insurance premium (aka "sick-care"), in the event you become ill or get injured.

It's very important to have access to medical care, and I'm not suggesting you cancel your health-care coverage; however, there are tens of millions of overweight or obese folks who are card-carrying health-insurance members.

Think about that one (a lesson for another day).

Actually, I'm talking about the concept of prevention of disease.

The idea that you can actually slow the aging process, naturally, and without doctor-prescribed "Hormone Replacement Therapy."

Here's the proven blueprint:

  • Maintain a positive mindset
  • Do progressive resistance training exercise
  • Maintain optimal, athletic levels of bodyfat
  • Get eight hours of quality sleep nightly
  • Manage stress in constructive ways (see #2)

It’s not a coincidence that lean-and-strong folks, that are really healthy already, keep investing in ways to improve.

That type of thinking is how they got excellent in the first place.

So take a lesson from my most successful client-athletes and don’t settle for the status quo.

Keep improving.

Invest in your health.

Please don't save up for early-admission to the hospital or nursing home.

Invest in your health right now.

2. You Choose How You Act During Tough Times

Whether you choose to live in fear or make the most of a demanding situation is entirely up to you.

Those who regularly complain are always moving further from their goals.

Doesn't matter if you're annoyed by the weather, a relationship, politics, or something else.

Taking imperfect action improves a situation way better than complaining about it.

No one is ever persuaded to change their opinion because of someone's complaint.

If actual change is your goal, grumbling is least likely to make things better.

Complaining opens up the opportunity to alienate a bunch of people.

I know that for me as a consumer, if you act like a loose cannon or are perceived as emotionally unstable, I'm probably not going to trust you or want to hang around you.

Even if I agree with you.

You see, everyone experiences a challenge differently.

And your perception eventually becomes your reality.

So why attempt to control the weather and other out-of-your-control external circumstances?

Focus on keeping a positive attitude.

3. Challenges are Paths to Growth

Growth is a high-level human need.

Humans are motivated and exhilarated by growth.

Whether it’s reading a useful book, listening to an inspiring podcast, or even starting that total-body transformation you’ve dreamed about (yes, even during a pandemic), focus on advancing yourself.

And now's the perfect time to trade your 24/7 negative news feed for something more uplifting and inspirational.

4. Earn More, Give More

Not everything in life is earned.

No one earns a viral pandemic or anything like that.

But almost all of the time, the good things in your life are earned.

Athletic levels of bodyfat. Strong muscles. Meaningful relationships.

You've got to earn those things with choices, actions, and behaviors over time.

Because, after all, you are a sum of your habits.

Giving is what gets you through the toughest times.

Helping others. This could be money, time, or an ear of support.

There’s always someone with less who needs your help.

5. Get Motivated and Inspired

If you are a wise person, taking your own advice would eliminate most of your problems.

I think that, as a coach, I typically share pretty sound advice.

The following elements are part of about 99% of the things I talk about daily:

👊Be consistent.

👊Success is the cumulative result of actions and choices over the long term.

👊Focus on the fundamentals.

👊There is no one magic _________ that will fix everything.

👊If you struggle for a day or two, get back up and get back on track.

Sound advice if you want to make positive behavioral changes and achieve success in general.

So if you follow the advice I give, but plug in the specifics about the things you want to improve on (more strength, less bodyfat, less pain, etc.), you'd be in pretty good shape.

Motivation is a fancy way of saying self discipline.

Discipline is created by you, not something that just happens to you.

You "were" or "are" struggling to get disciplined about smart exercise and mindful nutrition.

Waiting for the proper "motivation" means waiting a long time.

The easiest and quickest way to get motivated is to take action now.

Meditate on these lessons learned.

Ask yourself:

What lessons do hardships teach?

How does a challenge make you better?

Have a great day,

Coach Joe



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