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11 Ways to Improve

mindset Dec 06, 2023
11 Ways to Improve | Arangio

Your life may feel challenging.

Most over-40 men and women are busy with work, kids, grandkids, and other things.

You have tons of obstacles and potholes to navigate.

But, no matter how tough things get, success begins with a winning mindset.

In other words you choose to succeed.

If you take on the responsibility of getting into the best shape of your life, never forget that you’re in control.

I thought I'd share a few of the mindset strategies that I've used to deliver over 100,000 transformation programs to satisfied clients around the globe.

11 Ways to Improve

If you've recently faced struggles, be it in your personal life, career, or health, it's time to embark on a journey of self-discovery and improvement.

In the spirit of growth and resilience, here are eleven powerful ways to enhance your life and boost your chance of success.

1. The foundation of every success is a decision

Success begins with a decision, not a wish. In the tapestry of life, your choices weave the narrative of your journey.

Never underestimate the power of decisive action – a commitment to your goals and dreams. It's not enough to wish for success; you must decide to pursue it with unwavering determination.

2. You are not a victim

It's your decision to make sure you pivot and prosper. You are not a victim of circumstance.

Whether it's poor eating habits, excessive drinking, or external challenges, you are the captain of your ship.

Take control of your destiny, acknowledging that, regardless of the obstacles, you have the power to pivot and prosper. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

3. Do the simple things

Manage yourself. The quality of your life is intricately linked to three fundamental skills: thinking and decision-making, effective communication, and self-management.

Success lies in the mastery of these simple yet profound abilities. Strengthen your cognitive prowess, hone your communication skills, and become the master of your own destiny.

4. Smile under pressure

Practice creating the smartest outcomes for you and everyone that is counting on you to be your best.

Life is rife with challenges, but your response to adversity defines your character. Smile under pressure, channeling your inner leader.

Navigate challenges with grace and wisdom, creating outcomes that not only benefit you but inspire those who depend on you to be their best selves.

5. The more you improve yourself, the better off you’ll be

It's also your more tangible skill set, like communicating better with others and achieving athletic bodyfat.

Invest in the most valuable asset you possess – yourself.

Elevate your self-image, boost confidence, and refine your skill set.

From intangible qualities like self-confidence to tangible achievements like maintaining optimal body fat, continuous self-improvement is the key to unlocking your full potential.

6. When you want more of something, accept that you have to give something up to get it

Achieving your aspirations demands sacrifice. If you seek better health, you might have to relinquish unhealthy habits.

Remember, every gain requires a loss. If you want better health, you may be giving up mindless eating, binge drinking, or staying up late; but you’re giving up something.

Embrace the philosophy of moderation, understanding that balance is the key to sustainable success.

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

7. There is more than enough opportunity

Success is as much about what you say "no" to as the opportunities available to you.

Opportunities abound, and therein lies both the challenge and the blessing. Success is not just about seizing opportunities but also about judiciously saying "no."

Understand that success is as much about your ability to decline as it is about capitalizing on opportunities.

8. Success is way more predictable than most think

It is the result of doing the right things, the right way, repeatedly over time.

If you do that, it works.

99% of the time, if the proven "thing" doesn’t work, it’s due to the person not doing that thing.

It's rarely because those proven things don’t work. Contrary to popular belief, success is predictable. It's the result of consistently doing the right things, the right way, over time.

The 99% success rate lies in the execution; failure typically stems from a lack of commitment to proven strategies. Trust the process and persist in your efforts.

9. Think less. Do more

One reason more talented, smart people struggle than should ever happen is that they keep "seeking" the perfect idea rather than implementing the good idea.

Overthinking can be a hindrance to success. Talented individuals often fall into the trap of seeking the perfect idea rather than implementing a good one.

Break free from the paralysis of analysis; take action, learn, adapt, and keep moving forward.

10. Don't give up

Regardless of how talented you are, nothing of meaning that lasts is ever achieved without some degree of persistence and perseverance.

Regardless of talent, meaningful achievements require persistence. In the face of challenges, don't succumb to despair.

Keep pushing forward with unwavering persistence. Remember, the path to lasting success is paved with resilience and determination.

11. Lead by example

The success of any team, business or organization will rise no higher than the tone the leadership sets through their own actions and behaviors.

Leadership is not just a position; it's a responsibility. Set the tone for success through your actions and behaviors.

Whether in a team, business, or organization, the trajectory of success is directly proportional to the standards set by its leaders. Lead by example, and watch as others follow suit.

As someone considered the best online age-management personal trainer, I encourage my clients to be a positive influence.

To bring light to dark places.

To make people laugh.

To smile in the face of adversity.

Of course it's easier to do all of this if you are healthy and strong.

I can help you improve.


The journey to success is a deliberate and transformative process. By embracing these eleven principles, you can navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and unlock your full potential. Remember, success is not an elusive dream; it's a decision followed by consistent, purposeful action.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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