3 Common Excuses are Holding You Back

huddle mindset Jul 24, 2022

These three common excuses may be holding you back from having your ideal body and life.

A life that brings true happiness and deep satisfaction.

You’ve heard the common theory regarding motivation:

Humans are motivated to achieve pleasure or avoid pain.

Pretty much every decision in your life can be traced back to your pursuit of pleasure or avoidance of pain.

By the way, you may get temporary pleasure from overindulgence in many areas of your life.

For example it's common for many over-40 men and women to binge on food, drink to excess, or maybe use other drugs that allow you to temporarily forget your troubles.

Some of you are thinking, “Wait a minute, there’s a medical term for that behavior. It’s called the weekend!”

But seriously, here's my point:

The pursuit of temporary pleasure oftentimes results in long-term pain.

For example, you become fat, sick, and depressed from the constant skipped workouts and mindless weekend overeating.

3 Common Excuses are Holding You Back

Once you get past these three excuses, you’re on the road to having the excellent health that you want.

You’ll also enjoy the rewards that go hand-in-hand with this new-and-improved healthy lifestyle.

👊 Excuse #1: You Don’t Have Time

I get it. You’re too busy to break out of the busy trap.

There’s so much to do just to keep things afloat, so the things that will actually move you forward get put off.

Investing in a simple 45-minute morning workout, four days per week, can make you more productive. The irony is that skipping the training sessions means you are less productive.

But the truth is, you CAN do it.

You can schedule three hours a week to implement the systems you need and actually work on BOTH mind and body.

Just treat your morning exercise routine like anything else that's mission critical.

The key is simply prioritizing three hours a week, broken down into four 45-minute workout sessions.

You are unstoppable when you compound this structured training plan with mindful nutrition, adequate sleep and accountability.

This is exactly what I've been providing to my ultra-successful online personal training clients for 24+years.

👊 Excuse #2: You Feel Overwhelmed

This is not much different than the first excuse. Just a different mindset.

You feel like you’re so far behind that you’ll never catch up. It’s draining.

You wonder if “it’s all worth it.”

Things are out of control, or at least they feel that way.

So how do you fix it?

It’s not really as complicated as it seems.

You decide where you want to go. You create the map. You take step one.

You couldn’t get to the finish line in a day or even a week, no matter how hard you tried, so just take one step today. And another tomorrow.

And if you want the “Operations Map” for building your ideal body, I've got good news for you.

I've already created the best online personal trainer.

And tested it too.

👊 Excuse #3: You Can’t Afford It Right Now

Consider the common spend vs. invest mentality.

I know, I know. Getting a coach to help you live life to its fullest feels expensive.

Perhaps you’d rather spend money on a lavish family vacation.

Or maybe spend money gambling at a casino.

Maybe you can’t afford to invest in your health because your mortgage is overwhelming.

It could be your conscious decision to eat most of your weekly meals at restaurants that's diverting much needed “preventative health” funds.

Spending money on your health seems like something that might make sense later, after you have diabetes.

Heck, maybe you’re saving up for early admission into the local nursing home, after an unexpected heart issue.

My point is that some folks are such tightwads when it comes to investing in their health (aka preventative maintenance), but have no hesitation spending 200 bucks for fine dining and bottle of wine.

Do you choose the luxury cruise vacation over your health because you're “making memories” and “living life” and whatever else you want to say to justify this short-sighted thinking?

For some over-40 men and women it’s hard to rationalize the "cost" of healthy living right now.

Well, the truth is:

Prevention of disease is the best investment you can make.

By the way, when you look up the word investment in the dictionary it reads:

“An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.”

Another dictionary defines investment this way:

“A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.”

Well, gentle reader, your in-person or online personal trainer is an investment that offers perhaps the best return-on-investments you’ll ever receive.

Because coaching encourages you to be accountable for your actions.

Indeed, expert coaching provides built-in accountability.

Following the guidelines provided by an experienced coach practically guarantees you will lose body fat and get in the best shape of your life.

Once you reach your destiny, your newfound goal is to maintain excellent health into your golden years.

Optimal health allows yo to enjoy your family, and life, each and every day.

Will you invest in your health or spend on another lavish vacation?

Will you wait until your annual "New Year’s Resolution," when you do another two-week fitness bootcamp?

Will you crash diet and lose 30 pounds of water (and muscle) in 30 days, only to gain back the water (but no muscle) when you resume your old ways?

Achieving optimal health under the watchful guidance of a coach allows you to be more efficient with your time.

You'll get more done faster, so less "gym time" even though you are losing more bodyfat and maintaining more muscle.

A healthy body and mind is the ultimate freedom.

It gives you to the power to do what you want, whenever you want.

There aren’t too many investments that will offer all of those things.

So if you’re ready to shed the excuses once and for all, I'm here for you.

You'll follow the same proven systems I've used to deliver over 100,000 transformation programs:

  • Smart training
  • Mindful nutrition
  • Recovery strategies
  • World-class coaching
  • Accountability

Did I mention you'll stay safe, have fun, and get results?

One more thing.... and I I talk about this in the Daily Huddle Episode #56.

We become what we think through a series of events that inevitably lead to our successes or failures.

Your thoughts literally become your fate, in a completely controllable self-fulfilling prophetic way.

Thoughts control the future version of you.

In fact, there is an ancient code of ethics along those lines; and it goes something like this:

Be careful of your thoughts, they become your beliefs.

Be careful of your beliefs, they become your words.

Be careful of your words, they become your actions.

Be careful of your actions, they become your character.

Be careful of your character, for it will become your legacy.

As you can see, your life is a literally an extension of the thoughts in your mind.

So, when a parent tells a child, “It’s all in your head,” they're not completely incorrect.

Although your actions do play a huge role in the outcome of your life, it is your decisions surrounding those actions that matter the most in the end.

After all, many people cannot say that they achieved any real success without first THINKING it were a viable possibility.

But here's the most overlooked factor in determining the "future you."


Your input (positive or negative) will ALWAYS influence your thoughts (positive or negative)... so be careful what you feed your thoughts.

You can certainly apply ALL OF this to your health and fitness.

Simply put, you can’t expect to be successful if your head is filled with all the reasons why you will fail... or if your environment is filled with naysayers and negativity.

Be aware of what has caused you to fail helps you avoid the same old pitfalls.

However, focusing on the fact that “you always fail” will just set the expectation and ultimately the result…

Instead, you need to focus your thoughts on achieving your goals (what does that look like?) and believe it’s possible.


⭐ Read success stories of people like you.

If they can do it so can you.

⭐ Surround yourself with people who have achieved the success you desire.

⭐ Engage with people that support your goals and want to see you succeed.

It’s time to start choosing and believing in YOU.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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