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Summer Phase 3: Week 10

train Sep 03, 2023
Summer Phase 3: Week 10 | Arangio

Before we get into the training plan for this week, a thought:

Your willpower will never beat your environment.

Continue reading for my suggestions on how to supercharge your willpower.

☀️ Summer Phase 3: Week 10

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Many folks tell me they have "no willpower." But that's simply not true.

If something requires change, the first step is to change your environment.

  • If you struggle to make mindful nutrition choices on the weekends, stop going out to eat and dine at home.
  • If alcohol destroys your progress, don't go to places where people booze.
  • If sugar is your downfall, don't keep it in your house.

"What about my kids/grandkids? They love sweets," you said.

Truth is, they don't need refined sugar either.

You have a finite amount of willpower. It's not infinite.

So if you lock yourself in the room with something you struggle with, you will fail. And fail again.

Here are a few suggestions to increase your chances of success:

  1. Join a supportive team with positive and like minded people
  2. Put yourself in environments that help you succeed (high-energy coaching session vs. low-energy home gym)
  3. Stay accountable to a world-class coach
  4. Find joy in the process

If you follow these proven strategies, you will succeed.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to contact me anytime.

I'm here to support and assist you.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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