Racism and the Lemonade Experiment

mindset Jun 04, 2022
Racism and the Lemonade Experiment

Today's lesson is different.

Rather than talk about the usual things, like why detox diets will only frustrate you, I'll discuss racism.

And perhaps a simple way to end it once and for all.

Sorry, but I just need to weigh in on how I feel.

The scientist in me sees things differently.

Actually when presented with a problem, I think about it from a cellular level first.

Weird, I know; however, I've come to accept that successful people are weird.

But hear me out because this could end racism (or at least expose how illogical it is).

The actual skin color of different humans is affected by many substances, although the single most important substance is the pigment melanin.

Melanin is produced within the skin in cells called melanocytes and it is the main determinant of the skin color of darker-skinned humans.

Pop quiz: So what gives skin its color?

Answer: Melanin.

Now doesn't it seem illogical that some humans are judging other humans based on how much melanin the other one has?

And doing terrible things to each other as a result of this judgement.

It makes absolutely no sense that people are treated differently because their skin is a different shade, but really, it’s just science that makes us have different skin color.

Racism and the 🍋 Lemonade Experiment

In an attempt to end racism, teach this lesson to your kids, grandkids, and everyone you care about.

Materials needed:

Paper, pencil, unsweetened lemonade (or lemon water), three (3) small paper cups, one (1) teaspoon, and stevia sweetener.


Label each cup (#1, #2, #3). Fill the cups with equal amounts of unsweetened lemonade or lemon water.

Ask your test subject to sip from each cup to make sure each is the same level of sweetness.

Next, put one teaspoon of stevia in cup #1, two teaspoons of stevia in cup #2, and three teaspoons of stevia in cup #3.

Stir for 10 seconds per cup.

Write these three question on the top of your paper:

1. How sweet is the lemonade in cup #1?

Choose one response:

A. It is not very sweet.

B. It is kind of sweet.

C. It is very sweet.

2. How sweet is the lemonade in cup #2?

Choose one response:

A. It is not very sweet.

B. It is kind of sweet.

C. It is very sweet.

3. How sweet is the lemonade in cup #3?

Choose one response:

A. It is not very sweet.

B. It is kind of sweet.

C. It is very sweet.

Some additional questions to ask your test subject...

4. So, even though we kept adding stevia, it was still lemonade every time?


5. So then, even though something changed, it was still just lemonade?


6. Well this is just like skin. The lemonade is just like skin and the stevia is just like melanin. What does melanin do again?

"It gives skin color. "

7. So what did the stevia do to the lemonade? If we had more or if we had less?

"It makes it sweeter. Stevia gives lemonade sweetness depending on how much there is."

8. So if stevia is like melanin, and melanin gives skin color, what will it do to skin color depending on if a person has more or less melanin?

"It will make skin darker or lighter!"

(Okay now for the teaching opportunity.)

9. What do you think about judging another human, as superior or inferior, based on a physical trait, like skin color, now that the only thing that makes someone’s skin darker than another’s is melanin?

This should make it pretty clear that humans are, well, just humans.

But some are sweeter than others!

If you agree with my message, please share with the folks who you care about.

Have a great day,

Coach Joe

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