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How to Be Weird

mindset Jan 19, 2024
How to Be Weird | Arangio

"I haven't been to a training session since November."

That was the line my client greeted me with as I said "hello" to them recently.

And guess what, it's totally okay.

Everybody knows December can be a tough month, thanks to holidays, snowy weather, family responsibilities, etc.

In fact, I know some of you reading this haven't followed a consistent fitness-and-nutrition program in years, or even decades, and that is totally okay too.

If you have been following my daily lessons for awhile you know I talk about the journey being a series of sprints and jogs.

You can't be sprinting all of the time, but you also can't be jogging all the time because you probably wouldn't be happy with your results.

December is definitely a "jog" month, or a maintenance month for most.

Not everyone, but a majority of over-40 men and women choose to take it easy in December.

However, January should be a "sprint" month.

If you're ready, you can make some substantial progress in January and February that catapults you into the spring and really starts the new year off with a bang.

However, you can't expect a different result this year without making some positive changes.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing yet expecting a different result.

But, we also know it can be scary, intimidating, and overwhelming.

I know you're reading this because you want uncommon results.

If you want your ideal body and life, you must be willing to take unusual action.

Commit to being "weird" and you'll be one big step closer to achieving your goals. 

How to Be Weird

One of the things that I've come to accept is that successful people are weird.

They are different.

And frankly, that's how you lose fat, get strong, and slow aging too.

You act differently by taking uncommon actions.

See, if you do what everyone else is doing, it's easier to be what everybody else is.

For example, if you follow the lifestyle habits of two-thirds of American adults, you will become overweight or obese like two-thirds of the population.

Follow the masses and you'll be lethargic and unhappy and unsatisfied, just like them.

But if you show up differently, you'll can stand out.

You'll have a greater likelihood of living the life you desire and deserve.

So think about what your unhealthy friends and family are doing, and be different.

Be the weirdo.

You know, the health-and-fitness “nut.”

Perhaps it's being willing to do what they're not willing to do when it comes to prepping meals ahead of mealtime.

It could be getting up early for a workout, which most are unwilling to do (because they’ve prioritized popcorn and Netflix, the night before, over their health).

Perhaps it's skipping the wine and cheese after dinner, because that extra 600 calories is keeping you overfat.

It might be investing in coaching when the rest of the crowd is "saving up" for an early check-in to the nursing home.

Look, there are no shortage of ways to be different... from how you train, to how you eat, and get a good night’s sleep.

But most will settle for being the same.

They'll accept “getting older and fatter” or “just going to the gym” with no real long-term plan of action.

They'll do what everyone else does and then, predictably, be dissatisfied with their ordinary results.

So be willing to take unusual action.

To commit to being weird on a daily basis.

In my humble opinion, results typically come down to three main keys, in no particular order.

1. Frequency of workouts

Train for four 40-minute sessions per week.

That's less than 2% of your week.

You need to sweat and move, safely and appropriately, according to your limitations.

Side note: I've never met a person over the age of 40 who did not have some sort of injury that they needed to work around, so it helps to have a knowledgeable coach that can customize your workouts.

2. Mindful nutrition

If you're looking to lose bodyfat, you need to consume less.

It's basic physics that you need to be in a caloric deficit to achieve athletic levels of bodyfat.

This is simple in concept but, for most, challenging in application.

Let me tell you the "secret" behind why a "dieting" approach is successful.

Some diets (low carb, keto, low fat, paleo) restrict food choices, which creates a caloric deficit.

Some diets (intermittent fasting) restrict time available to eat, which creates a caloric deficit.

Some diets (intuitive eating) restrict your desire to overeat, which creates a caloric deficit.

And some diets (weight watchers, meal plans, zone) restrict the amount of food you can eat which, wait for it, creates a caloric deficit!

3. Accountability

You need someone (a professional coach) to check in with on a regular basis, talk through the struggles, measure progress, and hold you accountable.

Some good news for you.

We have a solution if you're looking to make a positive change.

Read to the end for details or just apply here.

And there's something else I want to share today.

Everything you need is already inside of you.

Maybe you wish that you had more charisma, or more talent, or more money or that you were more athletic.

Perhaps you look at the opportunities that others have and think that you would be more successful if you had the same set of circumstances surrounding you.

Maybe you feel you need to wait a bit longer before taking action on a project because you don’t yet have all of the skills required to get it exactly right.

Then you hear a still, small voice remind you, “Everything you need, you already have.”

Perhaps you don’t have the talents of others, but you have enough to get started.

Perhaps your skills aren’t elite yet, but they are good enough to begin practicing your craft and to put yourself in situations where you can further develop.

Perhaps you don’t have the opportunities that others have, but you are extremely fortunate and shouldn’t take for granted the blessings that are in your life.

Everything you need, you already have.

When you look at your goals, aspirations and life plan, you know you don’t have it all together yet and there’s a long way to go.

But right now, you have everything that you need to take the next step, to write the next page, to make the next call, to encourage the next person in your life.

You have a God who loves you and calls you by name.

You have unique skills and attributes that you can use to make the world a better place.

You have everything you need to live a life of purpose.

You just need to go do it.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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