How to Lose 40 Pounds

#arangiohero accountability Jan 28, 2023
Brittany Azzolina, Virtual Counselor

DISCLAIMER: Real before-and-after pics.

(No photoshopping here.)

Brittany Azzolina renovated her body, her health, and her life.

The pictures are only eight months apart.

Brittany is an awesome example of what is possible.

As a Premium Fitness-and-Nutrition client she trains smart, follows a mindful nutrition plan, gets quality sleep, manages stress, and stays accountable with a coach.

Read on to learn how she lost 40 pounds of bodyfat..

"I had been reading Coach Joe’s emails since 2012. I used to forward them to a friend, joking that we needed a coach like him, one with an honest and direct approach. I never considered joining even though I was struggling with my weight for the past 10 years. After all, it was too far away, I didn’t have the time or money, and I am a busy working mom. I’d always been an active person either through team sports, hiking, or outdoor activities.

As an adult, I could never seem to get my fitness, diet, and lifestyle all in balance at the same time. I worked with trainers in the past, joined running groups, and entered races looking for the one magical thing that would help me lose body fat and finally become fit. I had become increasingly overweight and very uncomfortable in my own body.

If I made progress, I was never able to sustain it, leading me back to the same cycle of frustration year after year. I was beginning to accept that change was not possible. After having surgery in March 2016, my second major one in a year, recovery gave me more of an opportunity to make excuses for myself. I began contemplating working with Coach Joe and thankfully decided to respond to one of his emails.

For the past 4 years, I seemed to view his fitness questions as rhetorical ones. Not that day! My initial conversation with Coach Joe was the beginning of an emotional process of accepting that I was responsible for my body. How did I end up in this body that no longer felt like me? I was done. I wanted to feel like myself again. During my start-up session, I told Joe how frustrating it felt that “I have an athletic mind, but no longer have an athletic body.” He confidently responded, “I can train you and we are going to make them match!” I knew I needed a coach.

People often ask me why I chose Coach Joe. So many reasons- his experience, his knowledge, his honesty. The simplest answer- I already knew that he would FULLY commit to me. And when I was finally ready to FULLY commit to myself, he was the coach I wanted to work with! Every day I am getting closer to my goals.

After 8 months of consistently training and following the nutrition plan, I lost 40lbs of body fat, look and feel younger. Not only did I recovered from surgery, I saw my body changing immediately. I am now redefining my understanding of healthy eating. I look forward to 4 days a week of training and the supportive environment. His workouts are well-planned, based on evidence and extensive experience. They challenge me physically, but he continually challenges my thought process and the behaviors that sabotage my success.

Coach Joe helps me to recognize when my limitations are self-imposed. I feel empowered, driven, and motivated to keep pushing. I continue to set new fitness goals, ones that I never believed were possible. I look back wondering what took me so long to invest in myself. I’ve realized that not all fitness programs and coaches are the same. The essentials: the motivation to change, whole healthy food, a consistent training schedule, and an experienced coach- Coach Joe! Don’t wait. You have a choice.

Each day I recommit to myself, my health, and Coach Joe’s program. Sharing pictures of myself is quite humbling. I am only partway to my goals. Today, pride has replaced embarrassment, knowing the athlete in me has emerged. So stay tuned.... with Coach Joe’s support, I am not done yet!"

- Brittany 😍

How to Lose 40 Pounds

Here are eight takeaways from Brittany's success.

These "secrets" will help you in everything you do.

Frankly - I’m writing them as a reminder to myself, but I thought I’d share with you was well.

1. Stop blaming your circumstances.

I guarantee there are other people with similar or worse circumstances doing really, really well. Follow their lead.

2. Stop blaming other people.

As soon as you take responsibility for your success you're ahead of 95% of society.

3. Be persistent.

Real success doesn't come easily. If you stick with something and work your plan, you'll get where you want to be.

4. Do what you should be doing.

Your actions are either moving you closer to or further from your goals - be aware of how you're spending your time.

5. Invest in others.

Spend time every day trying to add value to your clients, campers, colleagues, friends and associates' lives. It will come back to you 100 fold.

6. Work on "you" every day.

Seminars, books, audios, coaching - you can always improve.

7. Focus on solutions, not problems.

No whining, griping or complaining. Once you've identified an obstacle devote all your energy on overcoming it.

8. Create a supportive environment.

Is your environment bringing you closer to achieving your goals? Or is it sabotaging your progress?

For example, there are two steps to creating a more supportive environment.

First, your environment should make it easier to follow through on your goals.

Second, it should also make it harder to NOT follow through on your goals.

Yes, these are two completely different things.

Brittany wanted to lose 40 pounds of bodyfat, which required training four sessions per week.

Let's say you want to lose bodyfat too, which means you will follow a similar formula.

If you choose to train before work, make it easier to follow through.

It sounds cliche but pack your workout clothes, water bottle, and whatever else you need.

Do this the night before and have everything waiting for you by the door.

Next, make it harder NOT to follow through.

Encourage yourself to get out of bed by placing your phone (or whatever you use as an alarm) across the room, so you have to actually walk across the room and turn it off.

Another example is being more mindful about your nutrition.

To do this you must have healthy options ready to go in your pantry and fridge.

On the other hand, remove or minimize processed or junk foods in your home (or have someone else place them out of your view if you must have them at home).

If you’re taking a break from TV, have a replacement activity ready (reading, working out, a new hobby).

After that, put the remote in a drawer so it’s out of sight/mind. Or, if you're really serious about making positive changes, rearrange your furniture so your TV isn’t the main focal point of your living room.

You get the picture. 

It’s like a one-two punch to help propel you forward.

Think about one simple change you can make in each category (training, nutrition, recovery, accountability) so you can set up your environment for success.

Take a few minutes and digest these eight tips.

If you live them, most everything else will get a little better and become a bit easier.

Now if you’re over-40 years and struggling to reach your goals, tired of the fad diets…

...I'm opening up a few more spots in my fitness-and-nutrition coaching program.

It provides the accountability you need to re-build your body.

I’ll give you the knowledge, systems, and tools so that you can lose fat, get strong, and slow aging.

Apply if you want to join a positive, supportive team and finally achieve your goals.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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