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How to Have Better Days

mindset May 11, 2023
How to Have Better Days

Ever notice if your day gets started off rough, it often sets the tone for the rest of the day.

However, it doesn't have to be this way.

Stop trying to be perfect. Nobody is.

Stop believing that if you don't have time for a gym workout and three healthy meals that support your body-composition goals, it's a lost day.

It's not. There is always one thing you can do (or not do) that will move you closer to your goals.

Control what you can control.

How to Have Better Days

Taco Tuesday.

Barbecue Beef on Wednesday.

I can't remember Thursday's lunch menu (Burgers?)

Pizza on Fridays. You know, the square kind with sweet tomato sauce and extra-salty mozzarella cheese.

That was my elementary-school lunch schedule at Saint Catharine of Siena.

You chased this down with strawberry cow's milk, chocolate cow's milk, or something called "orange drink."

As a kid, Mom packed my lunch most days.

Tuna sandwich on rye bread. A red apple. Maybe the occasional snack cake.

My go-to lunchtime "fun-food" request was something called a Devil Dog.

This was a hot-dog-shaped, two-layer chocolatey cake with irresistible white sugary goo in the middle.

For dinner we had protein (chicken or beef) and two different carbs (broccoli and rice for example).

Washed everything down with plain old tap water.

Why am I sharing this? And what does it have to do with making your day better?

Well, folks think they have to practice perfect nutrition 100% of the time.

But that's simply not necessary.

Have some free meals 10-20% of the week, but then get back on track for 80-90%.

Practice moderation in everything you do.

I wanted to share several more ideas regarding how you can make your day better.

1. Create the time

Many people feel there isn't enough time to train.

Give yourself 45 minutes, four days a week, to do some kind of exercise.

Write it in your schedule.

Taking the time to train will give you more energy and better focus in other aspects of your life, including work and family.

2. Become affiliated

Join a group with similar interests.

You'll encourage each other to show up and complete workouts, like we do in our Virtual Fitness-and-Nutrition Coaching program.

It's 100% online and we show up at our daily livestream "huddles" to support each other, get our sweat on, and win the day.

3. Join a fund raiser

It will not only foster improvement and a sense of accomplishment, but it also feels great to help out a bigger cause.

4. Vary your routine

Pleasure increases when you change your routine and environment.

Seek opportunities to alter where and how you train.

This will boost excitement, enthusiasm and joy.

Now I'm not suggesting random, near-death workouts like CrossFitness.

Rather the phase-based, smart training that our successful clients follow.

5. Be less rigid

If you feel forced to exercise, you'll be miserable.

Go with the flow.

Sometimes it's better to just take off a day or two when you're feeling burned out.

This is the concept behind our "Active Rest" week.

6. Add variety to your program

The cross-training concept is one that works on many levels and can help you break through boredom.

Ideally, your training program includes elements of conditioning, weight training, and flexibility.

Try a set of speed squats paired with 30-seconds of seal jacks.

Or just have me write your custom-tailored body-transformation plan.

7. Be patient

Give yourself the chance to gradually develop in your fitness... because nothing happens overnight.

Remember training is merely the stimulus.

The real change occurs after your workout, especially in the deepest stages of REM sleep.

👉 8. Keep perspective

Lighten up when you begin to take yourself too seriously.

Especially nowadays. Your purpose is to complain less, have fun and enjoy the process.

Otherwise, it becomes a burden.

So, if you're ready to get rid of your exercise boredom, toss out the excuses and re-set some goals.

Setting goals will encourage you to develop new skills and strategies to improve and focus attention on the task you want to accomplish.

I might add that you should not boil the ocean.

Instead, select only ONE goal to hit versus choosing multiple goals and diluting your focus.

True failure only happens when you're unwilling to take the risks to grow and improve.

You never want to look back with regret, wishing you had taken the risk to build your best life.

Remember these SIX truths when the going gets tough:

  • Failures are lessons from which you learn and forge ahead.
  • Success doesn't guarantee happiness. Failure need not be misery.
  • Performance is a roller coaster.
  • Adversity leads to inner strength. You are better because of it.
  • You act instead of reacting. You learn from failure.
  • Setbacks are great teachers. They help you go beyond your limits.

Remember to change your perspective whenever you face boredom, any kind of setback or failure.

Here's the key:

Your failures pave the road to your greatest breakthroughs.

Today's setbacks are inaccurate indications of your future abilities.

Your strikeouts won't matter in 10 years, but failing to take chances might.

I believe in you.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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