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How to Avoid Mental Roadblocks

mindset Aug 05, 2023
How to Avoid Mental Roadblocks

You've probably read many fortune-cookie-style motivational quotes.

So many, in fact, that they've become cliche.

I bet even Confucius, the ancient teacher-philosopher, would be immune to the eternal wisdom embedded in these popular sayings:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~ Lao Tzu

"A raindrop becomes a Tsunami." ~ Mozi

"After dinner, you will be hungry again in one hour." ~ Unknown

But seriously, motivation is temporary when it comes to reaching your priority-one goal.

Actually, I'd say "motivation" is really self discipline.

You have a super-focused goal, right?

Perhaps you're finding it difficult to take that first step toward making your dream a reality.

This temporary paralysis is usually due to a "mental roadblock."

Ask yourself these two simple questions:

What’s holding you back? What has stopped you from taking those first steps to success?

How to Avoid Mental Roadblocks

Here are a few mental roadblocks that have affected me at one time or another in the past.

Maybe you can relate too:

1. You're feeling overwhelmed

Read the Lao Tzu quote again: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

You could even rewrite that to read...

"On a journey of a thousand miles, you will get knocked down many times."

No matter how large or how small the endeavor, you still have to begin with a single action.

It's okay if you don't have it all figured out. Simply take the first step.

2. Your fear of ___________ (Fill in the blank).

It could be any number of things: Failure, humiliation, or loss.

But what are you feeding your thoughts?

Odds are the fear that you’re experiencing is far worse than the actual reality, if whatever you’re afraid of did happen.

99% of the time, the fear that’s holding you back is not that big of a deal.

The potential discomfort you’d experience is nothing compared to the elation you’d experience from actually achieving your goal.

3. You are unwilling to leave your comfort zone

This is just a nicer way of saying you’re being too lazy to reach your goals.

You must accept that achieving anything of significance requires work and dedication.

So take a break from drinking alcohol, quit texting (especially while driving), and do the work to make your dreams happen.

4. You often compare yourself with others

Your objectives should simply be tied to reaching your own potential.

Don’t worry about other people and what they’ve done unless it fuels you to work smarter and do more.

Otherwise focus on being the best version of you.

5. You think things must be absolutely perfect

Waiting until the situation is perfect is a direct route to inaction because the situation will never be perfect.

That's why I suggest you take imperfect action.

Because no matter how well prepared you are, there will always be something unexpected that pops up.

Don’t let the compulsion for perfection stand in your way.

6. You need to do more research

Research is important, only until your "research" becomes procrastination.

Things don’t have to be perfect to get started. Endless research is just laziness. Or fear. Or both.

When it comes to getting leaner, so many unsuccessful people follow the classic "Ready, Aim, Fire" philosophy.

Perhaps you're a devout follower of this doctrine and, as a result, you've missed opportunities.

Maybe you're something like: "Ready, aim, aim, aim again, wait, is the target in focus? Okay aim again, aim, aim..."

(It may be painful to admit this.)

And you might not experience real success until you do a 180-degree turn and try the opposite approach.

When it comes to your fitness and nutrition, just for today, try this new approach: "Ready, FIRE, aim."

Pull the trigger and just get started.

7. You think you can't afford it

Not believing that you have enough money can stop you before you get started.

But the truth is this: You can get workouts for free on the Internet.

Watching a FaceTube video for motivation is also free.

Google ”healthy eating” and then prepare healthy meals on your own.

But the “free” mentality is incredibly shortsighted. You waste the best years of your life waiting to lose weight and get happy because you haven’t found a “free” program that works.

Guess what? You'll get old waiting.

Your best years will pass you by like a speeding locomotive. You might even die waiting.

Coaching is an investment that offers one of the best return-on-investments you’ll ever receive.

Because coaching encourages you to be accountable for your actions. Coaching provides built-in accountability.

An experienced coach encourages you to take responsibility for your actions.

Most every client, who made a dramatic body transformation, felt this way at one point or another and still proceeded to take action. So should you.

If you’re like me, the seven things that I listed above have, at one time or another, stood between inaction and action.

But they’re all just small obstacles designed to separate the happy from the sad.

The successful from the average.

The real bottom line is this: No matter what your goal is, the best time to start is now.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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