How to Adapt to New Things

mindset Apr 22, 2022
How to Adapt to New Things

Maybe you remember it.

I sure do.

I remember a few years back when the thought of shopping online was something my parents wouldn't even consider.

They couldn't trust putting their information into websites.

No way.

They even shredded their papers at home once they didn't need them so no one would get their personal details.

Not a chance they'd shop online.

Today my mom shops online regularly.

Two people who regularly had Sharon and I troubleshooting the simplest tech issues for them are now are both comfortable with something that they wouldn't have considered just a few short years back.

People adapt and evolve.

Most of the time it's gradual.

When something "new" becomes the norm you often feel like you're missing out if you don't eventually jump on board.

People who would have never seen the need for a smartphone or Facebook, at one point, are regular users of both.

(Okay, my dad still has a flip phone.)

But sometimes it's closer to forced adaptation.

For years I'd told one particular friend to slow down at work (he owns a medium-sized business), but it took various health issues, that forced him to stop all together for three months, to really get him to change his behavior.

Right now, for most people, we're somewhere in between.

If people want to stay connected to one another, right now, they've go to change the way they do it.

They're trying things they may have resisted trying before, like videoconferencing to talk with a loved one or attend a work meeting.

By the way, a decent percentage of my clients are training at home while being coached 100% online.

Sounds impossible to sweat in your living room or basement, with on-demand workouts, and actually get results.

Truth is, as long as you stay safe, have fun, and get results, nothing else really matters.

And then you start to realize how so many of my loyal clients are staying lean and strong because they have the right support team.

For example we're helping our clients with these tools:

"On-Demand" Strength and Fat-Loss Workouts

✔ Completely Done-for-You 21-Day Nutrition Masterclass

✔ Team Support (Livestream Q/A)

✔ 1-on-1 Accountability

✔ Mental Health Guides

✔ Mobility, Core, and Stretching Learn-by-Doing Videos

We're providing strategic solutions to new problems.

Like the challenge of needing to stay healthy and happy during a viral pandemic.

What's my point?

The hurdle of trying the new tech or new ways of doing things has already been overcome.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us what is truly possible.

So even once things are back to some semblance of normalcy, those things someone would "never" do... well, they've indeed been done already.

And for the people who have embraced this new way of thinking... you guys will continue to thrive.

Now I'm not saying a pandemic is going to cause everybody to give up cars and go back to riding horses.

But personally, I think it's going to change the way you approach your health and fitness as much as it's going to change anything else you do.

My point is to resist the urge to think that the future will look exactly like the past.

It won't. It never does.

One more thing.

I received an email with a link to watch some follow-along workout promising "elite fitness" on somebody's FaceTube page.

After a few moments of reviewing this video I wrote back that they should "shift their focus towards health."

Especially nowadays, many people are realizing that training for "elite fitness" and using workouts that crush your body... probably aren't the best things for long term health.

Is there a benefit in anything posted online these days?

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

But I couldn't care less about getting into that discussion.

I just want to help people who need and want my help. I want to help you train smarter and safer.

I want to help you work around the nagging pain that's bothering you and reduce the chance of future issues.

Overuse injuries, too-low energy, and excess bodyfat often result in general unhappiness.

But proper training should make you healthier and more virile.

Not break you down.

That's what Arangio Athletic Fitness is all about.

Most of the training methods I see online and in gyms make me cringe.

They may get you some results in the short term; but they will break you down and burn you out in the long term.

Never forget the health part of "health and fitness."

When it comes to your health, are you in it for the short-term?

Or are you playing the long game?

Maybe you're ready to leave the nagging aches and pains behind.

Perhaps you're ready to get lean and strong without living in the gym or burning out your central nervous system.

If yes, it's time for you to make the switch and join us for guaranteed results.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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