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Winter Phase 3: Week 11

train Mar 10, 2024
Winter Phase 3: Week 11 | Arangio

The successful in any endeavor are the doers.

This is true whether it's clients who show up and train versus those who search for the magic solution.

Maybe you're frustrated with being overfat or obese because you research relentlessly and try a new diet every other month instead of focusing on the basic habits like portion control and drinking enough plain water.

The magic is in the doing.

But that's something you likely know.

So, let me help you win since knowing and doing aren't the same.

But first...

❄️ Winter Phase 3: Week 11 

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Check it out and then update me on your progress.

If doing is the key, then you need:

  1. To know what you need to do.
  2. To actually do it.

Again, simple, right?

But this is where it gets fun (at least for me). 

If those two things are as true as I'm confident they are, then what you need is the right plan customized to you and the solution that gets you to execute.

As a young strength-and-conditioning coach, in my early 20s, I tried to fit every client into the same program and use the same cues to get them to execute the plan.

Frankly, it yielded mediocre results because I didn't address things like food allergies, and sleep hygiene.

Not until I started adapting to each client did the results improve.

Nowadays I prefer to find the right combination of methods, systems, and tools to get each client to execute their individual plan.

Of course that's not the approach everyone takes.

Heck, I know one fitness coach who shames his clients into taking action and treats them kind of like they're kids away at camp and he's the jerk camp director... bossing them around and making them feel foolish for asking questions.

And I guess for him and his crowd, that works.

It's not for me... but that's not why I mentioned it.

It's about finding what works to get you to execute the research-based plan consistently.

So, think about what you need to get from where you are... to where you want to be.

  • Is it having a plan?
  • Is it installing systems?
  • Having more accountability?
  • Having someone to tell you exactly what to eat (your macros) and when to eat, based on your goals?
  • Getting someone to prepare meals for you? Or learning the batch-meal-prep strategies that my successful clients use?
  • Someone to check in with you daily and hold you accountable?

What do you think it is?

I'd love to know. Reply HERE and tell me your goals and challenges.

Because that answer is how you go from wanting a better body to having a better life.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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