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Winter Phase 1: Week 3

train Jan 15, 2023
Winter Phase 1: Week 3

Are you frustrated or disappointed with your progress?

If yes, answer this question: "What are you doing differently?"

If your response is silence or a quiet "nothing," consider the root of the problem.

The real issue is that you can't expect something different without doing something different.

Maybe you are attempting to adopt new habits.

Or perhaps you want to be more consistent with your training sessions.

Don't fret if you're off to a slow start.

There's plenty of time to course correct; however, don't expect to see massive improvements from doing what you've always done.

❄️ Winter Phase 1: Week 3

One more thing.

It ain’t over yet.

It could be late in the fourth quarter, facing a massive deficit, but it ain’t over yet.

You may feel as though your career is going nowhere, but it ain’t over yet.

Perhaps you have a multitude of goals that you have yet to achieve, but it ain’t over yet.

Maybe you feel as though there’s a lot to do and not much time to do it in, but if it ain’t over, you’ve got to keep striving, keep trying, keep moving.

So don’t waste what time you have left and don’t give up on your dreams.

Because it ain’t over yet.

Today is the day.

Each day you get to choose your attitude and it sets the tone for every other choice you make.

Here's ❄️ Winter Phase 1: Week 3

How you view and respond to your circumstances.

How you treat others.

How you approach the opportunities you have.

Your attitude isn't a product of your circumstances or your environment.

Your life is a product of your attitude.

And if I can help you dial in the right strategy to build the body that you want, answer a few questions and we'll set up a time to talk.

To your success,

Coach Joe

P.S. When it comes to your health, it's not what you do occasionally that makes the difference. It's what you do consistently.



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