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Winter Phase 1: Week 2

train Jan 07, 2024
Winter Phase 1: Week 2 | Arangio

What I'm about to say may seem weird, but hear me out.

Success shouldn’t be easy.

If it were easy, it would be average.

Success is a product of hard work, focus, perseverance, service and much more.

All of this is compounded over time.

Those behaviors aren’t average.

They’re not complicated, but they’re also not common.

If you want success, you can't get there with average behaviors.

❄️ Winter Phase 1: Week 2

There's another way to think about success.

Small choices, over time, create big successes.

Small actions, done consistently, yield big results.

Little things are the surest way to make big things happen.

Here's ❄️ Winter Phase 1: Week 2

When you’re making changes, consistency matters.

Don’t worry about fast results or instant gratification.

Focus on 90-100 days of effort and habits and showing up.

Remind yourself of the focus.

Coach Joe

P.S. Action precedes results.



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