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This Is Cheaper Than a Funeral

accountability mindset Jan 11, 2024
Cheaper Than a Funeral | Arangio

I was on the phone with an over-40 guy, "Achilles" (not his real name obviously), who had a pretty big health scare.

He felt chest pains and was rushed to the Emergency Room at his local hospital.

Fortunately, for his wife and kids and many employees, he didn't die.

Just had a terrible fright and a sizable hospital bill.

He had a direct command from his doctor to "get his health back in order."

Specifically, the doctor told him to lose belly fat because it's the kind associated with the highest risk of cancer, heart problems, and diabetes.

His doctor had been reading my eye-opening posts on FaceTube and recommended me to him.

So I'm chatting with Achilles and he is meeting all of the criteria for working with me.

Achilles has a realistic goal to lose 40 pounds in 12 months.

He has spousal support. He has the laser focus.

And then I confirm that he can afford the tuition, which starts at $99/week.

"That's more than the lease payment on my car!" Achilles exclaimed.

My response to this type of fear is always respectfully blunt because I never want an investment to cause you financial hardship; however, perhaps it's time to review your priorities.

This Is Cheaper Than a Funeral

There are a few things in life which are important... and many that aren’t.

Know the difference.

For example, you only choose to do something if you find value in it and it's also a priority for you.

In the case of Achilles, his health wasn't a priority or maybe he didn't value guaranteed results.

But whatever the case, that's okay until it's not okay.

Maybe your health isn't a priority either.

But, whether it is or isn't, I'll be here for you whenever you are ready to create the leanest, strongest, and happiest version of you.

And that's precisely what I shared with Achilles.

It's strange but true for so many over-40 men and women who are stuck feeling unhappy.

Maybe, like Achilles, you had a recent health scare and an urgent directive from your physician.

Or maybe you're just stressed out and ready to get your life back.

If yes, permit me to share a few obvious things.

If you're NOT happy with how you look and feel, yet still haven't invested in your health, this may be worthwhile to consider:

  • Insulin is expensive too; however, $99/week is a bargain compared to the cost of diabetes and other preventable diseases.
  • $99/week is more affordable than the fallout from stress-induced sleepless nights.
  • $99/week is more affordable than missed opportunities and poor productivity because you're not focused.
  • $99/week is cheaper than a funeral too.

Honestly, the conversation with Achilles made me think about how scary change can be and the excuses we make to procrastinate.

So I shared a few insights with him, which I learned over the past 25 years as a professional coach.

Guarantee you know this stuff already, but it's worth revisiting...

How many vehicles will you have in your life?

πŸš˜πŸš”πŸš– πŸš˜πŸš”πŸš– πŸš˜πŸš”πŸš– πŸš˜πŸš”πŸš–

Quite a few, I bet.

How many bodies will you own?

Of course you know that you only get one body.

You also know that your excellent health is worth way more than the fanciest car, watch or any material thing for that matter.

Seems like Achilles needs to get his priorities in check.

The reality is, if you want to get more mileage out of your body, at some point you are going to have to start investing in it.

But if you think wellness is expensive... try illness.

If I were going to sell you a lovely, sturdy house for $99/week would you buy it?

Of course you would.

Yet you don't want a lean, strong, and athletic body for $99/week?

Until the value of being fit and happy is worth more than your car, your watch, or whatever else is more important to you, it will always "be too expensive."

Bottom line: You will spend ANY amount on things that you feel have great value to you.

For example, what is the "value" of losing 40 pounds in 12 months?

Ask yourself: How much is ___________ worth to you?

I'm a firm believer in calling people out.

Not to be rude, but it's much easier to speak plainly and get to the heart of the matter.

You either want it or it's just not a priority for you.

I had a football coach say, "You're either IN or you're IN THE WAY."

It's as simple as this.

Everyone will pay for their health - you can choose to be proactive or reactive - but you will pay.

It's much cheaper on the front end.

Hope some of this helps.

Have a great day,

Coach Joe

P.S. Remember, your health and happiness is NOT "too expensive." And there's no trailer hitch on a hearse (meaning you can't take all of your "stuff" with you when it's your time to go).



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