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Summer Phase 3: Week 12

train Sep 17, 2023
Summer Phase 3: Week 12 | Arangio

This is the last week of the training phase. You've got four more workouts to complete before the end of the week.

Continue to increase your weights as long as your technique is perfect.

If you get sloppy, lower the weight.

Watch the Overview Tutorial called "Summer Phase 3: Week 12"

You'll start "Week #12, Workout #45" on Monday.

Check it out and then update me on your progress.

Stress is real and you have to manage it.

Just like you can’t eliminate problems, I don’t think you can eliminate stress.

In fact, some stress is good. It forces you to be aware and it forces you to make better choices.

However, just like anything else, too much of something is never good.

Stress has a real impact on your mind and body.

I can always tell when I’m under stress; I don’t sleep as well, I get fatter, I am less patient.

We all have our own outlets for stress, mine is praying, exercise, reading, and writing.

A smart training plan is cathartic and a great tool to manage your stress.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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