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Summer Phase 1: Week 1

train Jun 30, 2024
Summer Phase 1: Week 1

You're gonna die. Me too.

Harsh reminder, I know.

But a truth, nonetheless. We all are.

Thing is you often think that it's not going to happen any time soon.

You have years and years to accomplish your goals.

Going to live to be at least 90 or so, right? Says who, though?

The clock is always ticking. People drop dead all the time at a young age.

If you're 50 right now maybe you're not really "mid-life."

You may be a little past that. Or way past that.

My point being you need a sense of urgency.

A fire under your seat to take massive action on what you want.

There's no time to wait "for the perfect time."

You can't afford to deliberate or procrastinate. It's time to jump in and go, right now.

People you care about and love need you to do that.

  • Not doing so is weak.
  • Not doing so is selfish.
  • Not doing so is something you can no longer accept.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level and build the body and unbeatable mindset you want?

☀️ Summer Phase 1: Week 1

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