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Spring Phase 2: Week 7

train May 12, 2024
Spring Phase 2: Week 7 | Arangio

It’s time to recommit to building your best body and life.

Say what?

Build a workout schedule that you can commit to.

Build some mindful nutrition habits that you can stick to for the long game.

Build relationships with coaches that hold you accountable (hint, hint).

Don't get caught spending all your time consuming new information, philosophizing, and deliberating.

Instead ask yourself: What are you going to build today?

Now more than ever before, you need a strong body and even stronger mindset.

Good news is you already have everything you need to thrive.

So, when you’re thinking you may need a different workout, diet strategy, or newfangled philosophical mindset shift...

...just focus on the research-proven system, world-class coaching, and winning team that you (hopefully) already have.

Spend less time thinking and more time doing.

I'm glad we're on the same team.

If you're still on your own and would like to join a winning team, share your goals now.

🌸 Spring Phase 2: Week 7

If you are already a client, go ahead and login here to access your coaching program.

All details of the plan are inside the next page.

Check it out and then update me on your progress.

One more thing.

When you do this week's workouts you have one job.

Beat your numbers from last week's coaching sessions.

For example, do another rep on the metabolic conditioning or add some weight to a resistance-training exercise.

That's how you make progress and get a little bit better.

If you keep doing the same thing over and over, well, you get nowhere.

Now, that's not to say that masterful exercise execution isn't critically important.

I'm constantly reminding you that sloppy technique leads to injury.

But I often see some clients getting overly focused on using such perfect form that they never really push themselves.

It's a happy balance so let me explain.

Some folks have mastered their technique and are finally at a point where they can recruit and feel the targeted muscles.

Maybe I'm talking to you and, if yes, that's great.

However making that your main priority and getting obsessed with feeling the "pump" and "burn" is not.

There are three scientific factors involved in building muscle.

1. Mechanical tension

That basically means you are overloading the muscle with enough resistance.

2. Metabolic stress

That's the pump, where blood enters your muscles and you get a "tight" feeling.

It's not that important.

3. Muscle damage

Also not that important.

Progressive overload is the only thing that truly matters.

What I mean by "progressive overload" is doing more reps with the same weight or the same number of reps with more weight.

Ever notice how I "trick" you and ask you to do eight reps for the first two weeks of a training phase, and then covertly add an extra two reps (so 10 total reps per exercise) in the final two weeks?

Then I say, "use the same weight for 10 reps as you did for eight reps!"

Well, I do that because I need you to progressively overload your muscles.

That's one of my "secrets" and also one of the reasons I can confidently guarantee that you will get results (if you follow my recommendations).

So try to make small improvements each and every training session.

Use excellent form, but don't be scared to work hard.

Do that you and you'll transform your body in ways you never thought possible.

Hope that little reminder helps.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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