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Fall Phase 2: Week 6

train Nov 05, 2023
Fall Phase 2: Week 6 | Arangio

“It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand.”

~ Randy Pausch

Successful folks know you are responsible for your life, no matter your starting point, weaknesses, and past failures.

Realizing that you are responsible for what happens next is both scary and exciting.

You have the power to accomplish all you desire.

And when you do, that becomes the only way you can become successful, because excuses limit and prevent you from growing personally and professionally.

Own your life; no one else will.

Now, onto this week's training plan.

You were probably a little sore last week, but that's over by now.

🍁 Fall Phase 2: Week 6

If you are already a client, go ahead and login here to access your coaching program.

All details of the plan are inside.

Check it out and then update me on your progress.

If you're still feeling some soreness, try getting eight hours of quality sleep each night.

Or just talk to me and I'll share some proven strategies for recovering faster.

In the second week of this phase I expect you to complete three sets of all moves with greater effort.

Perhaps you will bump up your intensity too (by adding weight to the bar or using heavier dumbbells).

The key is that you practice excellent technique on every single rep. Perfect practice makes perfect, right?

Successful people set long-term goals.

But here's the rub: You achieve long-term goals as the result of daily habits.

Tiny habits. These healthy habits shouldn’t be something you do; they should be something you embody.

There is a difference between: “Training to get a certain type of body” and “Training because that’s who you are.”

These are short but powerful principles.

Start small and chip away at the bad... and watch the good soar.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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