How to Live Your Best Life

mindset Jan 17, 2023
How to Live Your Best Life

What if you made this year the healthiest year you have ever had?

Sounds great, right?

I know it's not easy, but it is possible.

Here's how to start.

First, you have to be intentional about what you want to do.

This isn't just writing it down and never looking at it again.

Being intentional means you have a strong reason why you want to make this year your healthiest year ever.

And you also have a plan in place to make it happen.

How to Live Your Best Life

Here are a few examples of reasons why you may be ready for a positive change:

👉You're tired of gaining a little bit of weight each year and having less energy.

You know you're not going to magically lose bodyfat unless you take action and actually do something about it.

👉You want to have a great quality of life.

👉You want enough energy to be active in the lives of your kids and/or grand kids.

👉You want to be the best spouse you can be.

👉You want to be confident and feel happy like you used to.

👉You know you can do better and this is your year to do it.

So you have your goal and your reason why you want to reach that goal.

Now it's time to put together a plan.

Here are the parts of the plan:

1. Common-sense nutrition.

2. Smart supplementation to fill in any nutritional gaps and provide convenience.

3. Resistance training to build lean muscle and feel younger.

4. Metabolic conditioning to strengthen your heart and lungs.

5. Coaching to provide knowledge, support and accountability.

Seem overwhelming?

It doesn't have to be.

Simply implement 1-2 new habits in each of these areas and build more habits in over time.

Do These Things First

👉Get a full physical with a doctor that understands health and wellness.

👉Drink one to one-half of your body weight in ounces of water. Every day.

👉Be mindful when you eat. Sit down. Turn off all electronic devices.

👉Strength train with a mix of metabolic conditioning and stretching FOUR times per week.

👉Meet with a coach to deliver the paint-by-numbers fitness-and-nutrition coaching program and hold you accountable to the plan.

If this sounds great but you know there's no way you're going to get this done on your own, I'm here for you.

The accountability piece is the most important part.

I'd call it the "secret sauce."

Intentions are great and emotions are high at the beginning of the year.

But willpower only lasts so long.

Having a team in your corner, that not only believes in you but holds you accountable to what you set out to do...

...well that's priceless.

I guarantee you will become the leanest, strongest, most athletic version of you.

Just show up and follow the proven, research-based plan.

If you want to see what your options are, schedule some time to talk.

One more thing.

As a coach, I spend a great deal of my time studying people.

How they behave. How they think.

And there’s a common thread I see that binds those who do the best and enjoy life the most.

They see possibility. Opportunity.

They don’t see everything as a struggle or think the universe is conspiring against them.

Those who act as if they’re just "grinding" through life… they approach things in the OPPOSITE way.

They feel as if every challenge overcome is just a precursor for a tougher one tomorrow.

They find difficulty in every opportunity.

They criticize, condemn, and complain.

They’ll share a dozen reasons why something WON'T work rather than pursuing one that will.

🌞But those happy, successful people see problems as opportunities.

They appreciate the things they DO have and the possibility each day brings.

In fact, they see themselves as the person who can make a difference.

It doesn’t matter if we’re taking about.

You can make a difference in your business by creating opportunities for growth.

You can also make a difference in your personal life. In particular, how you lift up those around you.

But everything starts with you.

Sure, there are some things outside of your control.

But how you respond to them will largely dictate your happiness.

And each day, there are countless things that you do control, choices you make, and actions you take.

🌞My tip is this: See the possibility that comes with all of it.

Welcome to the Best Year of Your Life

As you approach the next few weeks, I want you to see what’s possible.

Fast forward to the end of this year and imagine what could be.

Below you’ll find a letter from you to yourself.

“Dear Self. It’s December 31st. What an amazing year it’s been – especially after the craziness of last year. I’m so happy and grateful that my health is the best it’s ever been. Getting wildly fit this year and building a body I’m so proud of is something I’ve wanted to do for years, and I can’t believe I finally made it happen. I’ve put forth effort to take care of myself like never before and I can’t believe how it’s paid off. My family is happier and healthier as a result. My spouse and I have a deeper relationship, more now than ever before. I’m performing better at work. I’m so energized that I get more done in a day now than I used to in a week. And because of all the compliments, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been. It’s truly amazing. I just wish I hadn’t waited this long to get serious about this change I wanted to make for years. Sincerely, Self”

So, how would YOU feel if this is the letter you wrote to yourself just 12 short months from now?

If everything in your life was dramatically better because you chose to take action and prioritize yourself?

Because you went after the health-and-fitness goals you’ve had for years.

I wanted to share this today because the above can absolutely be your story.

Or, it can be the opposite.

You see, your future is created by the choices you make every moment of every day.

You can, at any time, change the trajectory of your future.

So, let me ask you...

What letter do you want to write to yourself on December 31st?

Start by making the choices that create that future today.

And that’s how you make this your best year yet!

Let's go friends.

We can do this together.

Coach Joe

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