How to Get Stronger for Skiing

train Feb 09, 2023

I love the snow.

Anybody who doesn't probably never experienced skiing, snowboarding, or other fun winter sports.

But at a certain age, like over 40, you really need to prepare your body for these activities.

It's not like you're 15 years old with natural boundless energy and super-springy joints.

Folks over the age of 40 actually have to train smarter than the younger version of yourself.

So if you want to ski (and reduce the chance of injury) read the article below and watch the learn-by-doing video lesson.

If you aren't into winter activities, this exact workout is perfect as a dynamic warmup.

How to Get Stronger for Skiing

Your ability to make daylong effortless turns, in back-bowl powder or on groomer runs, isn’t about having the latest ski gear (though that certainly helps you look the part).

Skiing like a pro, and enjoying an injury-free après ski, depends on how faithfully you follow a strength and conditioning program.

The problem is many recreational skiers focus on the latter half of that equation — the long-and-slow cardio that builds muscle endurance — but skimp on fundamental strength movements that target ski-centric glute, hip, and thigh muscles.

Strike a balance between both with the fast, effective routine below.


To strengthen your ski muscles and elevate overall fitness, do this workout on three non-consecutive days per week. Because the moves require only your own bodyweight, you can do the routine anywhere: on the mountain or in the gym.

To better strengthen ski-relevant core muscles, tense your abdomen like you’re bracing for a gut punch during every exercise. (See the full video demo below)

Part 1: Dynamic Warm-up

Using only your bodyweight, perform the moves below for 30 seconds each, without resting between exercises.

1A. Gate Swing

1B. Pogo Jump

1C. Jumping Jack

1D. Seal Jump

1E. Bent-Knee Hip Raise – both sides

1F. Straight-Leg Hip Raise – both sides

1G. Forward Hip Circle – both sides

1H. Reverse Hip Circle – both sides

1I. Cat-and-Camel

1J. Opposite Arm-and-Leg Raise – both sides

1K. Groiners

Part 2: Strength

Do these five ski-strengtheners as a continuous circuit, performing six reps of each exercise without pausing between moves.

Rest for 60 seconds at the end, and do another complete circuit.

2A. Squat

2B. Sumo Squat

2C. Lunge – each leg

2D. Lateral Lunge – both directions

2E. Turkish Getup (holding one ski)

Part 3: Conditioning

Replace long-and-slow cardio with two sets of these high-intensity conditioning drills

3A. Walking Lunge (10 reps per leg)

3B. Lateral Walking Lunge (10 reps each leg)

3C. 100-yard Hill Run (outdoors, or on a treadmill set to a 6 to 8 degree incline)

Once again, whether you are skiing or biking or doing any type of physical activity, it's nice to have the confidence to do whatever you want without the fear of "being out of shape" or "being too old."

Truth is, if you are over the age of 40, you cannot magically stay in shape without a smart plan.

And it's frustrating when you skip activities you used to love, simply because you are overweight and unfit.

You see, every day your choices shape who you are.

And today's choices become the chapters in your biography.

Actions speak louder than words.

Do your actions support your values?

Your choices today define your legacy.

So how do you want to be remembered?

Do you want to be remembered as a leader?

As a wonderful father or mother?

As someone who followed their dreams and never settled?

As someone who made an impact?

You get to decide how you'll be remembered. And the choices you make will write your biography.

It's an incredible opportunity to create generational health when you lead by example.

So if you want to discuss how we can work together to rebuild your body, apply here and we'll talk about a step-by-step plan to hit your goals.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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