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How to Get Healthy from Anywhere

accountability mindset Feb 06, 2024
How to Get Healthy from Anywhere | Arangio

Is this year the year you turn things around and finally get healthy?

Maybe you are looking to lose weight (aka bodyfat) from your waistline.

Or perhaps you want to feel happier and less depressed.

If you are looking to rebuild your body, the time is now.

Due to continuing age-related challenges, most over-40 men and women have stopped focusing on mindful eating and settled for just trying to hang on to your current not-so-healthy ways.

These formerly thriving men and women have decided to sit on the sidelines and "wait out" the tough times with mindless eating, skipped workouts, and poor sleep.

With fingers crossed, you hope that things will go back to your younger days.

But things aren’t going back. The world continues to change and evolve.

For example, the workplace has changed.

Nowadays companies have embraced the idea of hybrid or remote workplaces, where you may commute to a physical office occasionally or work from home 100% of the time.

But make no matter how you work, you probably still want to improve your health, lose weight (fat), and relieve stress.

And with change comes opportunity for you to recommit to your goals. Opportunity for you to leave a happy legacy you'll be proud of.

You have the opportunity to help your family, friends, and coworkers when you lead by example.

The world is evolving quickly, so you must either grow or wither on the vine.

Now, if you aren’t looking to grow through these challenging times, while serving the folks who desperately need your leadership, then you can stop reading right here.

On the other hand if you are ready to make positive changes, keep reading.

Throughout my 25-plus-year coaching career, I’ve delivered over 100,000 transformation programs to successful clients around the globe.

I've helped busy professional men and women, over the age of 40, get leaner, stronger, and slow aging.

I’ve also taught many students who are interested in making a career as a professional fitness coach.

My focus has always been finding and developing simple approaches to achieve your priority-one goal on deadline, from home or at the gym.

How to Get Healthy from Anywhere

I often don’t talk about it, but I'm in a coaching group and I stay accountable to my personal goals with a results-driven coach.

In fact, my coaching group has done what any good coach should do, which is change my life.

It has not only has shaped my professional life but, more importantly, it influences my personal life.

My coach has an incredible knack for making sure we continue to make an impact with my clients but also assures my personal life is improving as well.

I typically, in some way or another, interact with my coaches once a week.

But here’s the thing. We haven’t been in-person, in an office or conference room together, since the pandemic hit.

Maybe we saw each other maybe once per year. Yet, he has changed my life.

How is that possible? Because results are not geography-based.

My success does not change based on us being in the same room together.

It’s ultimately about connection, good conversation, and good coaching.

We stay connected through zoom, phone calls, texts, e-mails, FaceTube groups, etc.

Similarly,  I coach men and women, over the age of 40, all around the world, and it all happens via an results-guaranteed accountability site along with platforms like video conferences, a private online group, and daily email lessons.

My point? World-class coaches deliver measurable results 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection and a good attitude.

Achieving your number-one goal is not geography-based, and it shouldn't take you any longer to get leaner, stronger, and happier simply because your coach is not standing right in front of you.

Sure, there are social benefits of being physically together (like camaraderie), but the actual result, the actual experience you receive, shouldn’t change.

So, today I’m speaking to those who choose not to get in-person coaching right now, whether it's fitness-related or something else.

Just know that a the best fitness coach does not let geography, especially whether or not you and your coach are in the same physical space together, dictate your results.

Make sense?

Your coach’s job is to get you from point A (where you are today) to point B (where you want to go).

If you're getting results through a cutting-edge Virtual Fitness-and-Nutrition Coaching Program, you're still getting results.

Right? In other words, don’t let geography be the reason you don’t invest in coaching.

If you can’t make it into the gym right now, you can lean on our coaches.

Every day we do 20-minute phone or video "Strategy Sessions" with folks over the age of 40, to help you set realistic goals, create action plans, and assure you are moving closer to where you want to go.

Pair that with results-guaranteed program to follow, on your computer or smart device, and you have a proven formula for success.

Does it replace the accountability of showing up to our world-class facility or the energy of cranking tunes and being around others in the same room? Of course not.

What's my point? If you're ready to rebuild your body and feel happier, don’t let geography be the reason you "wait" to invest in coaching.

Something else. In the online world, both in and out of the fitness industry, the word "coaching" gets thrown around a lot.

In fact, I’d guess that on FaceTube, at least once a week someone who is a "coach" or guru tries to connect with you and pitch you on their diet secrets or hush-hush workout plan.

Well, helping others get healthy isn’t a bad thing, but in my experience, those who tout quick-fix diets or fitness bootcamps are often only interested in getting you in the door with some bait-and-switch "free" program that's never really free.

After that, they enroll you in some supplement program.

So watch out for these "false gurus" who only seem interested in what they’re getting without much concern for your results.

On the other hand, what we do is an exchange of value.

You invest time, effort, energy, trust, and money.

You also invest a willingness to get over your own fears.

Perhaps you invest in the willingness to rearrange your family’s schedule.

And, in exchange we provide you with:

  • Knowledge / Expertise
  • Experience
  • Discipline
  • Accountability
  • Problem Solving
  • Social Support
  • Clarity
  • And, most importantly, RESULTS.

From my perspective, and after doing this for a long time, my experience would tell me that 95% percent of the time, no one succeeds alone.

Success is always a team sport.

Work smart and to the best of your ability.

Control what you can control.

But know that eventually, to achieve anything great, it will take more than just you.

To your success,

Coach Joe



Joseph Arangio helps 40+ men and women get leaner, stronger, and happier. He's delivered over 100,000 transformation programs to satisfied clients around the globe. If you want to lose weight from home, with the best online age-management personal trainer, or you want to visit the best longevity personal trainer in the Lehigh Valley, you can take a free 14-day trial.

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