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How to Break Through Your Barriers

mindset Jan 20, 2024
How to Break Through Your Barriers | Arangio

I meet a lot of men and women, over the age of 40, who are stuck.

They're frustrated with their their lack of discipline and, as a result, poor health.

The sad part is many struggling folks do nothing whatsoever about it.

Sure you may "try" a new exercise program; however, does that sound like an approach that guarantees success?

Of course not.

If you really want something, you attack it with a singular focus.

You exclaim, "This is a priority for me."

It's a myth that you'll evolve and get better as you get older.

As if biological aging is the key variable which causes improvement.

Well, it doesn't happen that way.

You can't just sit around and hope that, magically, things will get better.

Problems don't go away on their own.

Unless you address them head on, your challenges will continue to spiral downward.

So stop deliberating, overthinking, and waiting for the perfect time.

Make a decision and take imperfect action.

How to Break Through Your Barriers

Today is the day to put your foot down and move ahead.

Remember that transformation doesn't happen in isolation.

Invest in yourself and reach out to those who can help make the positive changes you want.

I'm smart enough to realize I have much to learn and, like everyone, I need outside eyes, coaching, and accountability.

At 48, I'm maintaining my strength and energy. I feel great.

Do I have my share of aches and pains? Yes, of course.

But I manage life's challenges as they come and go.

I'm able to live a happy life, surrounded by incredible people.

All of this seemed light years away about 20 years ago. I never really thought I'd be capable of this.

I thought I'd always have "bulky muscles" with zero definition.

I thought I'd always have nagging pains and injuries, and that it was a part of getting older.

I thought I'd always have self-doubt, stress, and anxiety.

I thought I'd always be too busy.

I thought since that was the way it always was, that's the way it will always be.

But none of that is remotely true.

It's a narrative in your head.

I was telling myself a made-up story. Just like you're probably telling yourself a story too.

Today that ends.

It's your time to rise up and make that change.

I can't wait to help you out on that journey.

One more thing I wanted to share.

In my coaching group we discussed the philosophy of truly falling in love with the process.

It takes time, but it’s so important.


If you love the process, you’re pretty much guaranteed results.

We live in an instant-gratification world.

Some days I get impatient because, instead of taking 0.2 seconds, a web page on my computer takes 1.2 seconds to load.

All jokes aside, in fitness, some over-40 men and women want to lose weight as quickly as possible, and you think you’ll be happy once you’re there.

In finances, many want to have a million dollars overnight.

Everyone wants the result.

But what about the love of the process?

What about the love of the pursuit? The challenges, the struggles, the setbacks, the emotions.

You have to love that stuff too.

Let’s look at a few examples.

Part of the reason why I love what I do so much is there is always something to do, always a challenge to overcome, always a team member to mentor or a client to help.

That will never end.

Sure you have goals you’re trying to pursue, but the fact of the matter is, all of the happiness, all of the satisfaction is in the daily pursuit.

That’s why I’ll never just say “okay, we’re good.”

It’s not that I’m not happy with everything, in fact, quite the opposite, I just enjoy the daily pursuit of making things and people better.

In fitness, the results can be frustrating; however, you must embrace the process.

You have to love the workouts, appreciate the ups and downs, enjoy the struggles.

That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people that can support and encourage you.

Tough times never end.

It’s just waking up each day and saying “how can I get a little better in my fitness today?”

Some days it doesn’t happen, and that’s totally okay.

Some days the best thing you can do is rest, and that’s great too.

And some days there’s work to be done, even if you don’t want to.

“Everyone wants to eat but no one wants to cook.”

Ever hear that?

In other words, everyone wants the end results, but no one is willing to put in the work.

Now, “no one” is a bit of an absolute, but you get the point.

Quite often if you look at someone that is “successful” in an area of life, they spend more time “cooking” in that area, way more than what you think.

I think of someone like Coach Sharon.

She has one of the strongest relationships with her mother, Sarah, I’ve ever seen.

From the outside, you might look at it and feel jealous.

But when you peel back the onion, they work at it.

She spends a great deal of quality time with her, even if it's on the phone.

They share hobbies, they share faith together, and they love the process of strengthening their mother-daughter bond.

It's like any success in life.

You look and admire someone that is excelling, but you don’t see the hours and hours they pour into it.

They’re “cooking” to use the analogy above.

You can’t be jealous if you’re honest with yourself and admit you don’t nearly put as much time into it as they do.

And the same goes for fitness.

The people that get the best results love the process, they show up when they don’t want to, they put in the work, and they don’t give up.

They take breaks throughout the week to rest and recharge, and there are months where the workout frequency might be low, but it’s a part of their month, every month.

So take some time to reflect on some of the goals you set this month, fitness or otherwise, and evaluate the process.

Learn to love the process and don’t compare yourself to others.

When that happens your results will skyrocket.

In this video lesson, I reveal my PROVEN method to approach the next 12 weeks with clarity and confidence.

If you find it helpful, please share with someone you care about.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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