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How to Box Jump When You're Over 40

train Oct 07, 2023

My three goals for every client-athlete are always the same:

Stay safe. Have fun. Get results.

Ultimately my wish is for you is to lead by example and inspire others to get healthy. But it begins with YOUR choices.

You choose to be healthy.

You choose to wake up super early, before the sun comes up, just to get your workout in.

You choose to be an agent of change.

You choose to impact people in the most profound way... and I'm not just talking about fitness.

I'm talking about the self-esteem, confidence and personal growth people achieve once they see their body and health change.

You're that first domino that causes a chain reaction of massive and positive change in the lives of so many... family, friends, co-workers.

But, it's time to step it up a level or two.

It's time that you play at your full potential.

It's time that you go from amateur to pro so that you can really shine.

You're doing much more than eating right and training hard.

You're a coach, a mentor, and motivator and a support system.

You're also a role model when you lead by example.

And if you live a healthy lifestyle, you can impact a lot more people and change a lot of lives over the course of your time here... all while living the life you desire and deserve.

But if you follow a shoddy workout and forget to plan your meals, well, then you'll always find yourself struggling with your health.

Worst of all, you'll never reach your full impact potential.

Because you're reading this, I'll assume you want to achieve or maintain excellence.

Having a healthy bodyfat enables you to live with passion AND purpose.

And you choose to leave mindless workouts and poor nutrition behind and become the master of your destiny - that's why your still reading, right?

Is achieving optimal health something that you really want?

I hope so, because if it is then you're going to make a much bigger impact on this world, and that's going to translate into a much better life for you and your family.

And that's why I'm sharing this video with you.

If you are able-bodied, you should be able to run, jump, and do whatever you like, whenever you want.

Consider the classic box jump, which is most folks do wrong.

When you do box jumps, the objective isn't so much how high you can jump. Crazy-high box jumps can destroy your shins. Instead focus on decelerating your bodyweight, absorbing force, and landing softly with your chest up and hips back.

I want you to have the confidence that comes with preparation, hard work, and dedication.

Dedication to a lifestyle that you'll learn about when you join the best online personal training program.

We train to live to our full potential.

Strength, power, endurance, self-confidence... these are just a few "side effects" of the lifestyle I've been teaching for years.

Action Item: If you know an able-bodied person (over the age of 40) who thinks their days of jumping are over, please forward this email to show them what is possible.

You just need a proven plan and some consistent action.

A world-class coach helps too.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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