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How to Be Happy and Less Stressed

stress management Nov 14, 2023
How to Be Happy and Less Stressed

Ever stop to think? And forget to start again? It might be stress.

You see, stress affects all of us at some point.

Health, relationships, and money problems are often the root cause of worries.

You choose the unhealthy habits that could be causing the stress.

If you keep up the bad habits, eventually your doctor might give you bad news about your heart, or diabetes or some other preventable disease.

Even more stress.

Maybe the source of your stress is a work commute.

Consuming much of your time and causing you NOT to be present as much as you should.

Month-after-month of you "not being present," creates relationship challenges.

And as an over-40 adult, with many grownup responsibilities, you have a lot to think about.

Maybe it’s hard to focus on one thing.

And without focus, it's tough to do the fundamental things that ultimately create your success.

So now you're skipping workouts, being mindless when it comes to food and drink, and getting poor sleep. It's a brutal cycle of even more stress.

How to Be Happy and Less Stressed

Did you hear about the guy who started running any time he felt anxious?

He just called to say he's really far away and needs a ride home.

Here are three proven strategies to manage stress when things get hectic.

1. Get into a positive frame of mind

For me, I start by shifting my focus to something that is positive.

Saying a prayer, thanking God for all the good things in my life.

It might be reading a biography about a successful person who overcame challenges or something inspirational.

Maybe it's an easy walk through the neighborhood. Or enjoying a challenging workout (think squats), which happens to be my go-to tactic to protect my mental health.

Weather permitting, I'll relax on a bike ride with Sharon, Giavanna, and George or sit outside around the campfire with my family.

But the common theme here is that I want to stop any sort of downward mental spiral and shift into a more positive frame of mind.

 2. Identify what you can control

Typically, the things that trigger stress are far beyond your immediate control.

Perhaps you have an autoimmune disease, like Systemic Lupus, causing all sorts of headaches, debilitating joint pain, and extreme fatigue... or much worse.

This is what my favorite coach, Coach Sharon, manages every day.

Getting Lupus was likely beyond her control; but, improving lifestyle habits (smart training, mindful nutrition, stress management strategies) has vastly improved her quality of life.

Now she helps other women manage autoimmune challenges...

My co-pilot, Coach Sharon Arangio

But there are plenty of things you can control, like your thoughts.

Best part is that you can make positive changes immediately. Like right now.

You can control how you respond to challenging situations and circumstances.

You can control whether you focus on tightening up your nutrition habits to lower bodyfat.

Or you can hang out with naysayers and complain about how your clothes no longer fit and you feel depressed when you see your reflection in the mirror.

If your physical health is not-so-good, there are things you can control to make it better.

When your body isn't looking and feeling the way you want, you can control your actions.

Or you can just sit back and hope things change.

So, after you shift into a positive frame of mind, my suggestion is to identify what you can control.

Figure out what you can do to improve your situation.

This will help you feel like you’re "in charge" of your future rather than just being a victim of your circumstances.

And, let’s face it, those who "play the victim" never seem to improve their situation. So the goal is to avoid being the victim and develop a simple plan to be the victor.

3. Take a successful step

After I’ve done step one and two, I always want to do one simple thing that allows me to gain a little momentum.

For me, it’s usually something I’m pretty good at… writing a lesson plan or doing a coaching call are common "first steps" for me.

These things get the ball rolling and create some positive feelings.

I remember, way back when I was in 8th grade, when my dad took me through my first strength-and-conditioning workout.

I recall the cement-filled plastic weights. The worn heavy bag hanging from the garage ceiling.

I was just a kid doing a workout with his dad, but it was a step in the right direction.

Positive progress.

Something I could do to move incrementally toward my goals.

And this step doesn’t need to be big.

A simple daily lesson (like this one) might take me 15-20 minutes to edit, but it helps me feel accomplished and excited to take on the next task.

You might just prepare a few healthy meals ahead of time, do something to reconnect with your family or maybe just plan your upcoming week or even plan your next day.

If you do these things, you'll feel proactive.

But remember this: Action creates momentum.

So that’s how I tend to deal with stress.

Maybe that approach can help you as I know it helps me.

And I’ve got one more tip for you.

If your personal health is causing stress, keep reading because I'm here to help.

What Comes Easy Goes Easy

Do you find yourself frustrated after losing 5lbs doing a "5-Day Detox" but then gaining 8lbs back after eating "normal" again?

Well, that's because nothing truly changed. You just ate less calories for five days.

Lifestyle and habit changes are what keep you looking and feeling your best.

According to author James Clear, "Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, they are a lifestyle to be lived."

Once a goal is accomplished you can't just say, "Well that's awesome! I'll just go back to my old bad habits!"

No way. But that's where coaching comes in.

An experienced coach provides the no-nonsense accountability required to maintain your forward progress.

A coach checks in with you regularly and helps engineer an environment that sets you up for success.

Just make sure that you repeat the smart habits that you are building, so they become automatic.

If you want to experience the best version of life, put your healthy habits on autopilot.

Do this for decades. Not just the next five days.

Ready to conquer your #1 goal?

Men and women, over 40 years young, if you're ready to get leaner, stronger, and happier, complete these two steps:

✔️ Step 1: Imagine yourself feeling better than you have in years.

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Start free on the next page and schedule a Strategy Call.

You’ll probably have questions.

So get them answered and finally solve your problems for good.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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