How to Be a Faucet and Not a Drain

mindset Apr 11, 2022
How to Be a Faucet and Not a Drain

When stress levels are high, you must find productive ways to decompress.

So I have a suggestion.

Take a brisk 10-minute walk when you need to de-frazzle your nerves.

Here's why.

One of the most undervalued (and often times disregarded) advantages of daily walking is cognitive enhancement, stress reduction, and overall improvement of wellness.

Increased blood flow is not just good for your muscles, it's good for your brain too.

Increased blood flow also helps to boost your creativity as well as get you into a better frame of mind.

You need that now more than ever.

Some of the most innovative minds the world has ever known, such as Einstein, Da Vinci, and a host of influential thinkers, went for walks.

I'd say we can learn from them.

Since walking is extremely low intensity and low impact, it can help you recover better and places much less stress on your joints and central nervous system.

Even better, it helps alleviate chronic stress and will keep you healthier in a time of great need.

Summary: Do a daily 10-minute walk.

Of course this is in addition to your four weekly at-home training sessions...

...but you already knew that.

Now onward to today's lesson.

How to Be a Faucet and Not a Drain

We all have "those" people in our lives.

You know who I’m talking about.

"Drains" zap your energy as a result of their constant complaining. They are a real drag.

On the flip side, we have faucets.

💦  Faucets are people with an endless amount of potential and positivity.

They are an energy source.

But it is indeed possible to turn a drain into a faucet.

Really, it’s about mindset and your attitude.

Are you an energy vampire?

Life is filled with enough drains, so choose to be a faucet.

I heard this analogy from the great writer, Seth Godin.

Most of this stuff comes down to choice.

In her book Mindset, Carol Dweck introduces the concept of a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

If someone has a growth mindset they believe they can achieve anything.

When a growth-minded person gets frustrated, they lean into the obstacle and keep their calm.

They perceive failure as a learning opportunity.

And they especially love a good challenge.

In comparison, someone with a fixed mindset believes they are either good at something or not.

They give up when they’re frustrated, they think they’re no good when they fail, and they don’t like to be challenged.

To continue with the above example, your drains are fixed mindset people, and your faucets are growth-minded people.

When it comes to building your "Ideal Body" and life, it’s important to have a growth mindset, and either be a faucet, or surround yourself with them.

It’s going to be challenging.

And I’m not talking about the workouts.

Instead I’m referring to the discipline required to just show up.

You’re probably going to fail at some point.

You’re going to need motivation and accountability daily.

If you approach life with a growth mindset that excites you, and you know you can overcome even the toughest challenge.

That’s why our fitness-and-nutrition coaching program provides coaching with every workout, and as support throughout your journey.

A world-class coach has a growth mindset, they can see the transformation before it even happens, and they can be your “faucet” of energy.

Exercise the best medicine for so many things.

And I hold that to be true; however, there's a caveat.

Ultimately, the only way to truly be in control of your life is to be in control of your thoughts.

Things have been tough for everyone because things are so different nowadays.

But it's still so good.

I believe in you.

To your success,

Coach Joe



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