How Alison Transformed Her Body

#arangiohero Feb 01, 2023

Do you work with women over 40 years, Coach Joe?

Short answer is yes.

Dr. Alison Benedetto is in the best shape she's ever been in her entire life.

She's lean and strong. Sculpted shoulders. "Toned" arms (without one "arm curl").

How Alison Transformed Her Body

by Dr. Alison Benedetto

I'm the strongest I've been in my life.

I have always considered myself healthy and fit. I've been a runner for the past 11 years competing in 5ks, half and a full marathons. I've always paid attention to proper nutrition and lived a healthy lifestyle.

My training typically consisted of long, time consuming runs for cardiovascular training but I wasn't really focused on any kind of weight training program. I was focused more on time/quantity of my training versus quality.

My husband started training with Coach Joe over a year ago. He would come home and tell me how great and challenging the strength training workouts were and that I had to try it.

He was going 4 days a week for 45 minutes and I could really see his body changing. I definitely wanted in!

I met with Coach Joe in March 2016 for a consultation and body composition analysis and he spent at least an hour assessing my fitness level and going over my training and lifestyle goals. In all the years that I had been working out, I've never had that thorough of a consultation before. His knowledge, clear plan and direction for taking my fitness to the next level was the tipping point that made me decide to train with him. I was all in.

My goals were to lose 5 pounds of body fat, tighten up my nutrition and literally get into the best shape of my life by the end of 2016.

I can honestly say that after months of training under Coach Joe, both my body fat and weight are at the lowest percent they've ever been in my life and I am the strongest I've ever been in my life.

I've competed in several obstacle course races without problem since training with Coach Joe and I just beat my previous best half marathon time by two minutes with the least amount of 'running training' to prepare!

For me, knowing that Coach Joe was there to push me has made all the difference in my training.

He's helped me attain more than I knew I was capable of and the constant motivation, proven workouts and nutritional program Coach Joe provides are top notch.

Yes, his services are more expensive that most gyms but I'm certain you would be hard pressed to find a program or results like his anywhere else.

And like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Thank you Coach Joe for helping me take my fitness to the next level!

- Alison 💥

By the way, multiple studies show that regular strength training can improve running economy (how efficiently the body uses oxygen) by as much as 8%.

This improved efficiency translates into greater speed and more muscle endurance.

And it makes sense for runners to focus on their most important body part: your legs and core.

So it’s no surprise Alison beat her previous best-half-marathon time by two minutes, with the LEAST amount of “running training” she’s ever done.

I believe that some of the strongest benefits of our coaching program are mental.

Things like de-stressing, sleeping better, feeling more confident, being more mindful and relaxed, and being part of a supportive community.

Not just getting six-pack abs.

Although, a side-effect of achieving athletic bodyfat is a washboard-like abdomen.

Check out these success strategies from Dr. Alison Benedetto.

The Benedettos are doing so many things right in their family.

Also, you will see some amazing before-and-after photos.

The question your probably asking right now is, "What are her secrets?"

Well, I’ve discovered that clients who make jaw-dropping transformations have a “burn the boats” mentality.

This idea traces back to 1519 when Hernán Cortés led a large expedition of 600 Spaniards and 11 boats to Mexico.

His goal?

To capture the magnificent treasure said to be held there.

Upon arrival, after a long and treacherous voyage across the Atlantic, Cortes made history by destroying his ships.

This sent a clear message to his men: there was no turning back.

Either they win or they perish.

With no exit strategy, they rallied behind their leader as never before.

In a mere two years, Cortes conquered the Aztec empire.

This idea of “burning the boats” is a psychological commitment where you recognize there is no going back.

There is no retreating.

You WILL succeed no matter what.

If you know Alison, please congratulate her on her success.

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To your success,

Coach Joe



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