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Fall Phase 3: Week 11

train Dec 10, 2023
Fall Phase 3: Week 11 | Arangio

Ever hear this? "Be careful what you feed your thoughts."

If you are always telling yourself that you will never lose weight, well, you probably never will.

It's a simple yet powerful concept to have positive conversations with yourself.

I was reminded of this when I chatted with a client that had missed a few workouts in a row.

He stepped on the bodyfat scale and mumbled some negative self talk when he saw that his poor habits resulted in an increase in bodyfat.

My response was to get back on track and "watch what you say about yourself."

You must always stay positive.

🍁 Fall Phase 3: Week 11

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Let’s say you’re in a city you’ve never visited, you have no clue how to get anywhere, and you just picked up a rental car.

This is what you would likely do:

1. Decide where you want to go

Before you jump in the car and start driving you MUST know where you want to go.

You’d waste a lot of time and effort if you just sat in the driver’s seat and wandered around aimlessly. But that’s what most people do with their fitness and nutrition.

Go to the gym, “work out” and hope something good will happen. Or eat mindlessly, while ignoring the undeniable fact that calories matter.

Truth is, if you want results you need to set one priority-one goal.

Just start with one goal... no need to boil the ocean. Boil one pot at a time.

If you are clueless when it comes to where you want to go, how will you ever get anywhere?

2. Get directions

Once you know where you want to go, you have to type the address into the GPS to get directions.

It would be absurd to have access to GPS but refuse to use it and continue to be lost. Right?

But most people do exactly that (refuse to use the "GPS") when it comes to getting into shape.

In other words, they never seek help from a qualified coach.

Instead they try to figure it out on their own and continue to be lost... and, as a result, feel frustrated.

If you’re serious about transforming your body and life, find a coach with a proven track record.

Get the directions you need, so you get where exactly you want to go... in the shortest time.

For the past 25+ years, I've delivered over 100,000 transformation programs to men and women, over 40 years... helping them get lean and strong.

3. Follow the directions and arrive at your destination

Once the address is typed into the GPS, it’s simply a matter of following the directions.

Do that and you will get wherever you want to go, no matter how confused you might have been when you started out.

Getting lean, strong, and healthy is really no more complicated than this.

Plus you'll be infinitely happier when you are functioning as the best of your ability...

...when you have achieved your "Ideal Body" -- which is the leanest, strongest, most athletic version of YOU.

One more thing.

If you'd be interested in learning how you can get free coaching, continue reading.

I'd love to work with you to jump-start your body transformation over the next few weeks.

To your success,

Coach Joe

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