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Fall Phase 3: Week 10

train Dec 03, 2023
Fall Phase 3: Week 10 | Arangio

There's a world of difference between knowing and doing.

I'm guessing that you know when you eat something that's not going to support your goals.

But what you ultimately do dictates your results.

And I'm guessing that you already know you should consistently:

  • Practice mindful nutrition
  • Do metabolic resistance training
  • Get quality sleep nightly
  • Hold yourself accountable

...and a host of other things to lose fat, get strong, and manage aging.

But, if you're like many of the over-40 men and women I talk to, in spite of knowing that, you're not consistent when it comes to doing it.

🍁 Fall Phase 2: Week 10

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Check it out and then update me on your progress.

I spoke with a couple of 50-something women that did almost all the right things, but they didn't do them consistently.

If they remembered, they'd do one thing.

If they started to feel sluggish with low energy they might do another.

But, if the longevity strategies they were doing inconsistently worked (they did), imagine the compound effect if they did them all 12 times per year instead of 2-3 times.

Just doing something 600% more often will undoubtedly yield better results...

...but doing all the things more consistently will compound and the outcome will likely be even better than that.

All of this is why I'm giving you The Ultimate "Thank You" Gift for you to use on any new (to you) coaching program offering.

(Keep reading for details.)

I'll help you install the systems that will get you to consistently do things you likely already know you need to do.

Sure, we'll probably introduce some new things, but this isn't built around shiny objects.

It's about implementing a proven system that you do every week or every month that consistently helps you lose unwanted bodyfat, increase strength, and slow the natural aging process (you can't "reverse" aging).

In fact, if you join the program and say "none of this was something I never heard of" ...I'll consider that a win.

Because I am not all that concerned about what you know about when it comes to transforming your body and life...

...I'm concerned with what you do consistently.

No one gets better bloodwork or a fitter body because of their uninstalled systems.

No, they sadly miss out on all those rewards.

So, if you'd be interested in learning how you can get free coaching, reply back with "ULTIMATE THANK YOU GIFT"

I'd love to work with you to jump-start your body transformation over the next few weeks.

To your success,

Coach Joe

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I appreciate the support... and more importantly, I appreciate you.


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