Is Your Gym Cleaner Than a Grocery Store?

train Oct 13, 2020

Wondering if it's safe to return to your gym?

Honestly I can't say; however, your fitness coach should be following CDC guidelines, just like we are doing at the best personal training program in Allentown, PA.

Check out this recent footage from our security camera.

Note the zone-based training areas which ensures appropriate physical distancing.

Note how everybody is wearing a mask.

Note how everyone is wiping down equipment as per CDC guidelines.

Not sure about your fitness-and-nutrition coaching program, but we are actually cleaner than your 🛒 local grocery store--which you may have visited since the viral pandemic arrived.

Now I'm not saying your grocery store isn't clean and safe, but most aren't cleaning everything their customers are touching every hour.

In fact, here's what we're doing to ensure that all our members are safe inside our four walls:

  • Appointment-based training times only, which we’ve done for decades.

So no worrying about overcrowding and maintaining the recommended physical distance.

This also encourages minimum use of equipment during your coaching session. 

  • In addition to minimum equipment usage you can trust that tools (DBs, BBs, bands, mats, etc.) will be sanitized before AND after you use them. Every time. 
  • Masks required. 
  • Sanitizing hands required. 
  • Community accountability.

We are in this together and very serious about keeping everyone safe.

For a limited time, you can “try” the best online personal trainer for 14 days for free.

I know what you’re thinking.

Hey Coach Joe, this free-trial-thing goes against the Yoda quote you’re always talking about:

"Do or do not. There is no try."

Yes, you are correct.

Thanks to COVID-19 so many folks are paralyzed with fear… getting fatter and sicker by the minute.

In these unique times I decided to pay your first two weeks so you can “try us out.”

And if for any reason you don't feel safe during your first two weeks you can simply quit and cancel.

So there’s no long-term commitment if you aren’t satisfied.

It's literally risk free.

My only request is that you are cool and coachable.

To your success,

Coach Joe



Joseph Arangio helps 40+ men and women get leaner, stronger, and happier. If you want to lose weight from home, with the best online personal trainer, or you want to visit the best personal trainer in the Lehigh Valley, you can take a free 14-day trial.

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